Created the “Gateway of Botad” application to keep outsiders tracking

Health workers and police personnel at all check-posts in Botad district have been instructed to get information through this application. Digital tracking of people entering the district will be done.

Botad, 9 May 2020
Every effort is being made by the Botad district administration to prevent the spread of the Korona epidemic in the world.

A mobile app has been created to digitally store information with all the details of passengers entering the Botad district. An application called “Gateway of Botad” has been developed by the Botad district administration to make it easier to track the spread of corona through incoming visitors.

The application is given to the employee on duty at seven check posts at the border. When the person arriving from another district arrives at the district check-post, the details of their permission vehicle number, passengers, and their health certificate will be verified and all the details will be entered in this application.

Also how is the health of the person at the time of entry? Has he downloaded the Health Bridge app? All those details will also be entered. The vehicle will be checked through this app at all the places where it will pass with all the passengers. The same type of operation can be avoided at a check-post. By using this application, all the details can be viewed by the officer or employee holding the login right anywhere and it will be possible to verify the vehicles and passengers quickly.

After preparing the application, the system will get accurate information of the persons coming to the district. This will make it easier for them to quarantine their daily health status.