Gandhi’s Khadi used for power by PM Modi

PM spinning ‘Charkha’ in Khadi Utsav at the Sabarmati River Front, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on August 27, 2022.

Gandhi’s Khadi

BJP’s campaign to improve its image by Khadi.
Now Gandhiji is being used only to get power.


Amit Shah had come to the Sabarmati Riverfront below the Sabarmati Ashram. After a while, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came and went. He kept talking about Gandhiji, Khadi and Gujarati language, education and Gandhian ideas. A grand path was built in front of Hridaykunj, a symbol of simplicity. Once upon a time Dandi traveled from here. Now pools of crores are being made to walk here.

Khadi was once to improve the economy, now it is Khadi to get happiness. The Sangh has always been against Gandhiji. But RSS pracharaks are now using Gandhiji’s Khadi to gain power.

Talking about Gandhi does not make Gandhian.

Gandhiji’s principles cannot be achieved by demolishing the Sabarmati Ashram and saffronising it in the name of reconstruction by destroying the original identity.

Amit Shah had placed the wall painting on the Sabarmati Riverfront. There is a saying that Ram in the mouth, Baglame churi, but there is a situation like Gandhi in the mouth and Godshe in the beside.

A true Gandhian was the former Prime Minister Morarji Desai. BJP leaders do not visit the Samadhi of former Prime Minister Morarji Desai, the son of Gujarat, next to the Sabarmati Ashram. Now Gandhiji is being used only to get power.

In Gujarat, 70 percent of the Khadi weaving establishments were in Surendranagar district. Neither the Gujarat government of the BJP nor the central government did anything till it was over.

Modi’s Khadi Policy

In 1997-98, the total business of Khadi in Surendranagar district was Rs 49 crore. Every day 53 thousand people were getting employment. The turnover in 2010 under Modi’s 10-year rule was Rs 26 crore. Only 12 thousand people got livelihood.

Modi’s form of Khadi
In Gujarat, Surendranagar alone produced 70 percent of Khadi. In 2000, 16 thousand families were weaving khadi worth 45 crores, now 2 thousand families are weaving khadi worth 2 crores. 7 thousand families have migrated. The artisans who weave exquisite khadi are spinning in huts.
There are 300 Khadi shops.
According to Gandhi’s principles, if the BJP governments lasted for 28 years, 30 lakh people would weave 3 crore meters of khadi daily.
In Gujarat, 5000 people weave cloth in the name of Khadi and sell 171 of it using ground thread. The weaving of Khadi has now completely stopped. Khadi has been wiped out in 20 years of Modi’s rule. Now pretending.

How many khadi weavers?

In Gujarat, there are 16,384 artisans who prepare Khadi in the government’s record. Now these artisans are disappearing, in fact only 5,000 artisans are making khadi (thread). In Gujarat, more than 11 thousand people are not getting employment. The government aid money is not being utilized properly.

Gandhi completed his autobiography – Experiment with Truth – by inventing Khadi. This means that he considered Khadi as a weapon of freedom struggle in India. They wanted to get freedom from the spinning wheel. Now the same Khadi organizations were selling land worth crores of rupees. She was fighting inside.

PM participates in Khadi Utsav at the Sabarmati River Front, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on August 27, 2022.

PM spinning ‘Charkha’ in Khadi Utsav at the Sabarmati River Front, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on August 27, 2022.
PM inaugurates ‘Atal Bridge’ in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on August 27, 2022.
PM inaugurates ‘Atal Bridge’ in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on August 27, 2022.

Now everything is over.

Gujarat government has given Rs. The contract was awarded for 1.50 lakh meters of khadi cloth worth 2.48 crores. The Education Department and Khadi Board started the work on 16th August 2018 and within 15 days all the clothes were woven by the government.

khadi kheer roti

In the book Hind Swaraj in 1908, Gandhiji wrote and believed that India’s poverty could be eradicated and freedom could be achieved only through Khadi. 4000 artisans used to weave genuine khadi. Khadi is no longer woven.

Out of 171 Khadi establishments in Gujarat, only 20 to 30 Khadi establishments actually manufacture Khadi cloth. They do not even get minimum wage.

Today’s leaders talk about Gandhi’s Khadi by wearing foreign clothes. 10 thousand crore rupees come to Gujarat by plane and talk about Khadi.

All the trusts working for Gandhi have been ruined by creating the Sabarmati Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Trust.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Sardar Patel was a true Gandhian. At the time of Sardar’s death, he had got only 240 rupees.

Modi’s Home Minister Amit Shah also talks about Gandhiji.

Amit Shah’s political ambition is to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat. So they have come and gone to Gandhi Ashram. Went to buy a dozen Congress MLAs for Rs 16-16 crore. Gandhi’s words and predicate are also bought.

Gandhi believed in cooperation. Now the cooperative department is in the hands of Amit Shah. It was Shah who brought dirty politics in the cooperative sector of Gujarat. The cooperative sector has now been converted into a commercial sector.

Gandhi’s shadow has been Sardar and Modi’s shadow has been Shah. Shah has won titles like Chanakya, Kingmaker, Mastermind.

Vinayak Savarkar is perhaps the only leader during the freedom struggle who was released from jail by writing an apology letter. Accepting the terms of the British, he left, promising not to participate in politics. However, Savkar is considered ‘Veer’. Savarkar was in Godse’s gurusthan. Gojas and Savarkar were involved in the assassination of Gandhi.

It’s happening. Killed Gandhi but didn’t kill Jinha after going to Pakistan? On 4 June 1940, Michael O’Dwyer was shot and killed by Sardar Udham Singh in the country of An. He was hanged to death. He was a patriot.

A piece of land was bought for the ashram for Rs 2553, received from Acharya Mani Shankarbhai Pitambardas. The mill workers started the ashram here after paying one day’s salary and the mill owners paid the same amount. Now a grand ashram is being built there.

Amit Shah’s income had increased by 300% in 7 years. During December-2012, the total assets of Shah were stated to be eight crore 53 lakhs. Seeing a 300% jump in Shah’s wealth in just five years, the opposition questioned it.

Gandhi regarded public life, public service or politics as a telescope or microscope for the search for truth. Idealists were ideas not imposed. The present politicians are imposing their views.

Gandhi’s truth was his weapon. Current leaders are adept at lying. They do not have a true God.

Gandhiji did not stick to many images in life. But today’s politicians avoid facing their state president even when they fall. Because it tarnishes their image.

Gandhi, who believed in caste, abandoned both when he realized the truth. The current Netayaya Dharma’s small and caste steps up to the throne.

Gandhiji, who opposed the army during World War II, agreed to send the army to Kashmir in 1947. He blessed the flying planes of the army. But after the removal of 370 in Kashmir, the current leader Pandi could not get justice.

Gandhi was the brand ambassador of democracy. The current leaders are not democrats but dictators like Hitler.

Gandhiji was a superhero. The current leaders are campaigning to make the world human. Even if they imitate Gandhi to get the throne, they cannot become Gandhi.

Charkha – celibacy – village industries – secularism belonged to Gandhi. But the current leaders use all these things in reverse to gain power.

This ideology of BJP is like a faded idea. Had Gandhi been alive, he would have seen the lies of BJP.

Modi himself becomes a brand but Gandhi does the branding.

Khadi is tradition, fashion! Gandhi has a charm in Gujarat.

A five-star Gandhi-Village will be built in the name of Khadi, where you will get a new experience of living with Gandhian lifestyle.

Gandhi is the brand ambassador of Gujarat for global tourism. No one can get the honor of being associated with a mega brand like Gandhi.

Khadi is an eco-friendly dress. Some leaders make 400 clothes in a year. Khadi fashion shows. Leaders can gain power by making a khadi bikini.

Remembering Gandhiji has become a fashion today with wide coverage in the media.

Gandhi is making invention from Gujarat the biggest global brand – Gandhi. Because power has to be maintained in the name of Gandhi. Gandhiji had the courage to accept the present reality. But today’s car darling leaders cannot do this.

The Satyagraha camp was on the banks of the Sabarmati river. One cannot be made a follower of Gandhi by taking the Jan Satyagraha Camp in Gandhinagar, near the Secretariat, 5 km away.

Gandhiji used to say, ‘My life is my message’. Today’s politicians cannot say such a word.

There are 35 Hajap letters written by Gandhiji and received by him. But the letters written by the women of Gujarat do not get a reply even from Delhi.

Gandhi’s practice is based on the principle of Hindu and Muslim equality, equality of all religions, and contributed as much as possible to avoid communal violence. But to get power in 2002, never before had riots happened in Gujarat.

Nathuram Godse of Hindu Mahasabha shot Gandhiji. Every day Gandhi is shot here. Gandhi used to say, I have nothing new to teach the world. Today’s leaders are projecting themselves as world leaders.

Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills. But today lies are everywhere.

In Gandhi Ashram everyone was required to observe eleven vows like Satya, Ahimsa, Asteya, Brahmacharya, Asvad, Aparigraha. Today all these vows are kept in the sun in the new ashram.

Gandhi and Khadi have now become the means of getting a chair.(goole auto transletd from original Gujarati)