Gujarat has achieved the leading position in the country in the solar energy


Gandhinagar, 4 June 2023

Today Gujarat has achieved a leading position in the country in the field of solar energy. Till May 2023, 4 lakh 11 thousand 637 solar systems with a total capacity of 1619.66 MW have been installed. For which an estimated Rs. 2607.84 crore subsidy has been paid. The government has given assistance of Rs 63,352 for a solar.

By March 2023, 1861.99 MW of solar rooftop systems have been installed across the country. Of these, a solar system of 1507.71 MW capacity has been installed in Gujarat. Gujarat ranks first in the country with 81 percent of the total installed capacity across the country.

The excess power sent to the grid by residential customers after consumption at home is bought by the power company at a rate of Rs 2.25 per unit.

728 agencies work with the online portal. Free maintenance is provided for the year. Solar PV modules are inspected by the engineer of the power distribution company to check the performance quality of the solar rooftop system. The nodal agency for this scheme is the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited. Daily progress is monitored by

Solar cells and solar modules used in solar rooftop systems for residential customers are manufactured in India. Non-Indian manufacturers are not allowed. This has given a boost to the domestic production of solar cells and modules in India.

The Surya-Gujarat scheme was announced in 5 – 8 – 2019. A solar system of 1 kW or more capacity can be installed on the roof of the house. The subsidy will be limited to a maximum capacity of 10 kW.
Above 3 kW, 40 percent subsidy is given up to 3 kW and 20 percent subsidy up to 10 kW.

Subsidy up to 20 per cent is provided for installation of solar rooftop plant for group housing society (GHS) or residential welfare association (RWA) for common facilities such as electricity connection for society lights, society waterworks, lift, gym, swimming pool, etc. Is. Garden etc. For this, the capacity of solar rooftop plant is subject to subsidy to the extent of 10 kW per household up to a maximum total of 500 kW.

2337 solar systems installed in government offices

The state government has installed 2337 solar power systems by March 2023 on the rooftops of various government offices across the state. In which 47,596 kW energy has been produced.

These offices include Collectorate Offices, Provincial Offices, ITIs, Government Colleges and Schools, RTOs, Police Stations, Treasury Offices, District Courts, CHCs, PHCs, Government Hospitals, etc.

The work of installing solar systems on the roofs of government office buildings is being done by Jeda-Geda and related offices. GEDA publishes an annual tender and shortlists vendors and places work orders.