Gujarat BJP did not give tickets to mayors of 6 metros, but gave tickets to relatives


Gandhinagar, 5 February 2021

In Gujarat, there are 6 municipal corporation’s elections. 6 BJP mayors have not been given tickets for the election. BJP President CR Patilan had promised not to give ticket to the relative. That promise is broken in Ahmedabad. Has given ticket to relative  of Ahmedabad Mayor Bijal Patel.

Many former BJP councilors, including Ahmedabad Mayor Bijal Patel, have cut their tickets. Bijal Patel said I did not ask for tickets. My relatives have been given tickets. My mother-in-law’s cousin-in-law’s wife has been given a ticket. In the village where we live together. So they have no other relationship with me, son or daughter.

The BJP has prepared the criteria and guidelines, that is, the candidate should not be given a ticket who has completed 3 terms. Also, tickets should not be given to those who are over 60 years of age. In addition, relatives of former corporator will not be given tickets.

Along with these criteria, my party is also very confident and the party is firm. Also, proud to welcome this decision. The party gave me a chance to win the election thrice. Made my choice as a candidate. At the same time, the party gave me a big responsibility. During the last year and a half, I was given the responsibility as Mayor. Earlier, Bijal had no identity. I got all these identities from the Bharatiya Janata Party.

That is why I thank the Bharatiya Janata Party and my Move Mandal for bringing me to this post and giving me an opportunity to serve the people of the city. I do not support the fact that I have not been given a ticket today, but I still have the responsibility of winning 4 candidates from Paldi ward and 192 candidates from 48 wards. I want to use and am committed to carrying out whatever responsibility they give me.