Gujarat BJP meeting no longer in Koba’s office, CR Patil is leading the Rupani government

Gandhinagar, 18 August 2020
BJP state president Chandrakant Patil has nothing to do with the RSS. He was never associated with the Sangh. Modi has not chosen him as a public figure. He was not chosen as a good speaker. His choice is not made as a leader of high principles. There were 106 offenses against him. But the real reason for the choice is that CR Patil is a good manager. He can manage everything well. Everything. The BJP needs a person who can manage more votes today. The votes are taken in the name of Modi. But Modi needs a man who can manage the BJP well in Gujarati people. Make sure to manage every person of Gujarat well. There is a Patil who can pass 100 percent test. Surat and Patil have fulfilled every aspiration of Modi. That is why he has been chosen.

Meeting with party leaders in government guest house
As soon as he became chairman to prove that he is a good manager, he started managing the government with the party. Previously meetings were usually held in the office at Koba. Now this place has been changed to Gandhinagar Circuit House. All meetings are taking place there. There are meetings with party district in-charges and party leaders. Patil is now deciding what the government should do and what not. So now Rupani’s working speed has increased.

Text of Delhi
Patil is meeting BJP leaders one after the other. Meeting with Rupani’s ministers. No one knows what to discuss with them. But ministers are holding meetings with the organization. Patil is holding meetings with ministers to see what is going on in the government and what should be done. All this is happening with the approval of Modi, Delhi Sultanate. Because soon after coming from Delhi, he publicly said that I have been given so many lessons from Delhi that it will take 6 months. The people who have become ministers from the origin Congress, they may be affected. There are 3 ministers who have just come from the Congress. A plan is ready to keep them in moderation. His feathers are about to be cut.

Patil’s rule in the name of Modi
One thing about Patil is well known to all the people of Surat that Patil has always been in charge of Modi and talked to the businessmen and workers of Surat. They have been working this way in Surat for years. Now doing in Gujarat. People understand that whatever they do, they do on Modi’s instructions. Even if Modi has no idea about it. Now Patil’s interference has started in the government. Which can create trouble for Vijay Rupani. Disaster can strike Rupani’s allies. Earlier, Anjali Tai has been asked to stay away from the government and government agencies. He has been asked not to control the government machinery like the Ahmedabad Collector transfer. Tai is now sidelined.

Who will destroy Rupani?
However the circle  around Rupani is destroying him. In Rajkot, relatives or brokers working on the street have jumped. Rupani first used to take orders from Delhi on small matters. Kailash Nathan says what he has to do. Now Patil has started taking over the government. With Patil becoming president, Rupani has announced crores of projects in Surat, Navsari and South Gujarat.

Not Rupani but Tanmay Mehta knows Patil fully
After this, Rupani has tightened the government. They have started giving strict orders. They are not as soft as before, they are mature now. Even though he was the chief minister, he was not asked who should be the president of Gujarat. Even Amit Shah was not allowed to know that Chandrakant Patil would become the head of Gujarat. Only Tanmay Mehta knew. Modi’s personal confidant Tanmay Mehta is from 1985. He has been with Patil at his Delhi residence for a long time.