Gujarat CM makes a town planning scheme every 4 days, corruption going on below


Gandhinagar, 28 December 2020

Rupani approved 111 DP-TP in the year 2020, having done so for the third consecutive year with a clash of 20-20 cricket matches. A total of 108 draft plans, 85 preliminary and 107 final TPs have been approved in three years.

What did Rupani say last year?

Read the details of corruption in Rupani government that people have written in the comment below this tweet

Rupani had said that three or four TPs in Ahmedabad are controversial, not one of my 200 TPs has been corrupted: CM Rupani’s statement in Gayhead’s program implies that Modi, Anandi, Keshubhai and Suresh Mehta’s previous BJP There was corruption in the town planning scheme in the government.

As people are aware, TP schemes have fiber optics of corruption extending to the secretariat. There is a lot of corruption going on in the government office.

Corruption of 500 crores

On August 20, 2017, Urban Development Minister Nitin Patel in Sambhal village of Sanand, Ahmedabad, paid Rs. The Congress was accused of embezzlement of 500 crores. Development of revenue survey numbers 78, 80-O etc. was allowed. The then Urban Development Minister was accused of corruption in large-scale development permits in the name of land transfers worth billions of rupees at that time, changes in TP, violation of rules, changes in terms.

30,000 crore election fund in T.P.

On November 4, 2017, Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia alleged that a fund of Rs 30,000 crore was raised in Surat under the guise of TP schemes.

In Surat, the BJP government made a serious allegation that it had committed a massive scam of Rs 30,000 crore by not enforcing the 40 per cent reduction rule in 128 different TP schemes and allocating 50 lakh square meters of land to the builders. Modhwadia also demanded a judicial inquiry into the entire case. Is it the state government or a gang of robbers? He was charged. The government is yet to investigate.

Corruption in the city of Deputy Chief Minister

On 16 March 2020, it was alleged that the TP branch in Mehsana had written a wrong opinion about the Nagalpur region. BJP councilor Kanji Desai alleged that the wrong opinion was written showing a private road as a public road in Nagalpur area.

Corrupt town planner of Ahmedabad

The head of the Western Planning Department, Ahmedabad city planning officer Navneet Balewa, who was caught red handed taking a bribe of Rs 2 lakh at the Osmanpura office in West Ahmedabad, was suspended, but later reinstated. It was alleged that crores of rupees were collected from various TPs through various conspiracies, such as the final plot, for laying road lines. Rajesh and Prakash Lalwani, a builder who formed a society of 18 bungalows in the Kuberanagar ward, to give to BU and less than a better charge. Balve was caught by the ACB taking a bribe of Rs 2 lakh in the office. Even after 2009, he continued to work in many good positions. The BJP gave him the title.

Complaint against BJP President

On July 2, 2020, a complaint of corruption was filed against BJP president of Palanpur municipality by BJP city servant Amrit Joshi in the builders and TP Road in the municipality.

Corrupt office

In Rupani Raj, in the operation of TP schemes, complaints of corruption were increasing in the entire state including Ahmedabad for 4 years. On June 4, 2018, the Urban Development Department of the state government immediately closed the regional offices of the Town Planning and Evaluation Department due to corruption. The number of TPO offices across the state has been reduced to just nine. Corruption was happening in TP and public break was imposed on them.

Staff shortages, vacancies in various TPO offices of the state, operation of TP schemes was stagnant, 4 regional offices, 30 district branch offices and 55 city planning planning offices were closed. Regional offices in Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Vadodara and Rajkot have been closed. It was decided to 536 instead of 567 seats.

Where TP plans were revised for the benefit of builders. 11 TPO offices in Ahmedabad city had to be closed and 2 new offices had to be started.

5 crore scam in Vyara

The BJP was accused of corruption at the general meeting of Vyara Palika on 15 September 2020. In the TP committee meeting, it was alleged that BJP collected Rs 5 crore from the city by issuing land in the name of removing land reservation from TP.

Damage to government treasury in Jamnagar

In the general meeting held on 20 June 2016 in Jamnagar, Yusuf Khafi stated the intention of TP Scheme No. 7, 8, 9, the provision of The Gujarat Town Planning Urban Development was rejected by the Standing Committee of the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation. The plan resolved to do so with immediate effect. The government exchequer was harmed by approving 28 layouts of Bhagat found with some developers by pressing 18 months of files.

Amendments were made in Sola to T.P.

The ‘setting’ was demolished overnight due to a conspiracy of a big leader next to the EWS building in Ahmedabad. The beneficiaries of the EWS plot of TP40 owned by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in Sola area of ​​the city held a huge rally under the aegis of Bhadraj Hitakari Samiti.

Rot in Kapodara Erosion of a

Although TP-16 Kapodra was finalized on March 6, 2020 in 1998, in 2014, BJP rulers used the Town Planning Department for personal gain. A 9-meter TP passing in front of the Ashan Kari Kapodara ward office The road was reduced and the Kamalpark Society was fined Rs 7.39 lakh.

Corruption in Mahapura TP Scheme

On 25 December 2019, farmers protested in the proposed TP of Wuda at Mahapura in Vadodara on the issue of reservation. Objections will be dealt with by raising objections in 21 days

60 forms of corruption

TP has more than 60 improvements. There are 425 townplanning schemes pending in 2016. Irregular conduct in Mahapura TP 2 lakh Choki The town planning officer was sacked after corruption of Rs 750 crore by cutting less land. It was then decided to reduce the TP scheme to 60 complex processes. A meeting of farmers was convened today by Hasmukh Bhatt, convener of the Ekta Gramin Vichar Manch, alleging irregularity in making the scheme, TP of the Mahapura region of the city has been notified by Wuda.

Polam-Pol in Palanpur

Darshan Joshi, an officer working in DP in Palanpur, embezzled Rs 66 lakh in 2002. Released in 2004, complained in 2007, placed in town planning in 2012. Rupani continued in Raj.

Development map dispute

There is widespread corruption in the development map of Palanpur Municipality. A new development map for the year 2018 was prepared by modifying the DP plan map made in 2004.

10 to 12 percent was greenbelt. The new DP scheme has announced residential areas on both sides of the national highway and state highway, which are congested with traffic.

TP corruption in Vadodara

On February 11, 2019, the state government repatriated 26 TP schemes, which were found irregular in the town planning scheme in Vadodara. Now only one Town Planner Officer (TPO) has been appointed by the State Government. By becoming an agent of corruption in the government, city planning officers are running a parallel office and corruption in the operation of TP schemes.

When Mukesh Dabhi was on duty in Surat, he was involved in corruption in preparing the TP scheme. The 26 TP scheme being prepared in Vadodara was once again run by the town planner like the previous corruption, which created controversy. Credai has consistently represented the Chief Minister. The only TPOs were arbitrary operations.

Becomes TP but no road

Every year 100 new TPs are built in the state but the roads shown in the old or new TPs are not open. Hundreds of such roads are of old roadline. Are not exposed. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani himself

Reelangar of Rajkot has a population of 50,000 and 11 townships and 5,500 houses. Roads have not been opened even after the formation of TP in Rajkot.

State expelled for exposing TP corruption

Manjuben Dineshbhai Patel, an elected member of Bilimora, is the TP of Bilimora Municipality. The issue of corruption of crores of rupees was raised in the committee meeting. The BJP was divided on this issue. Tp The committee meeting was also tempted to remain silent on the issue of corruption. He served notice of deportation without believing.

Jamnagar Tipi Secret

What was the secret of Jamnagar Corporation behind hiding the approval or rejection of TP Scheme Nos. 8 and 9?

On 16 October 2020, TP Scheme no. 8 and 9 have been approved some time ago. However, TPO did not disclose the information for the benefit of builders and moneylenders. It was stated that the final was not held. The builders had a major stake in making a big profit.

Town planning, corruption planning

All the people of Gujarat know that corruption prevails at any cost of the land. Land Entry, Reservation, TP Plan Impact, Illegal Construction, ULC, Ganotiya, Violation of Status, Society, Purpose Purpose, Gulf-River-Coastal Construction, High Tunnel Electric Line, Measurement, Tenants, Business, Remedy Planning, Fraud, Objection Petitions, court chapters, entry of antisocial elements or political men, competition from other builders, trusts, Burden, documentation, non-agricultural NA, legal chapters, RERA, influence, family claims, fraud, kinship among landowners – ownership For example, corruption takes place in a government office for anything. (translated from Gujarati)