The claims of the CM, reality of farmers in Gujarat are very different, the Rupani government is lying

Gandhinagar, 28 December 2020
On December 25, 2020, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced an agricultural welfare program from Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar as a priest of truth in the name of Gandhi. Talked to thousands of farmers in 248 talukas with the help of Setcom. Many details are misleading. It is like misleading people.

Heavy debt, not agricultural policy
Chief Minister: The BJP government in Gujarat has been leading the agricultural revolution for two and a half decades. Farmer welfare has been done by making agriculture based policies.
Reality – Despite the Supreme Court’s statement, the Rupani government of Gujarat has not framed an agricultural policy or given an affidavit in the court. Out of 58 lakh farming families, 42.6 percent farmers have an average per capita loan of Rs 38,100. The average monthly income of a farming family of 5 members was 7926. There are details released by the government two years ago.

Dam built before BJP
Chief Minister: The Congress governments had deprived farmers of water, electricity and seeds and made the world miserable day and night. He was in a sad state.
Reality – 200 of the 222 dams in Gujarat were built during the Congress government. The BJP government has built only 6 dams in 25 years. At the time of independence, not a single farmer got electricity. Until the BJP government came to power in 1998, 32 percent of the farmers had access to electricity and water. A 24 subsidiary corporation like Beej Nigam was formed before Sasan of BJP.

Narmada Scheme
The Narmada project has been realized through the efforts of Chief Minister – Narendra Modi. Agriculture, irrigation and drinking water have reached remote villages of Kutch, North Gujarat and Saurashtra.
Reality: Most of the work of the dam was done by the Congress governments. The dam work was resumed by the efforts of Chimanbhai Patel. On July 12, 2019, Rupani announced in the assembly that Rs 70,000 crore had been spent on the Narmada dam. Out of 2730 km branch canals, 110 km work is pending. 2046 km of work is pending in 4546 Visakha Canal. There is 1691 km of work left in the 1591 km branch. Out of 48 thousand branches, work of 8783 km is pending. Thus 10,700 km The canals could not form the BJP government. As a result, instead of 18 lakh hectares, only 5 lakh or 25 percent of Narmada dams are being used.

Narmada Canal not built

Chief Minister: In the name of the peasant movement, parties set out to cure crocodile tears were in the interest of farmers and Gujarat, so why were they not allowed to fit at the gates of the Narmada Dam for seven years?
Reality – Their question is valid. But despite the doors being built, only 25 percent of the dam is used.

Chief Minister – The government of the Bharatiya Janata Party at the center in the state, every hand is working, every field is being chanted.
Reality – In urban India, the unemployment rate is higher than the national average of 7.5 percent or 9 percent while in rural India it is 6.3 percent. According to a September 2020 labor force survey, Gujarat is the only state in the country with the highest increase in unemployment. Unemployment has increased from 1.3 per cent to 4.3 per cent as the base effect has reduced. According to government figures, 4 lakh students are unemployed. However real unemployment, semi-unemployment and low wage rates are 40 percent. The LRD had 8 lakh candidates for 6,000 seats. In 10 such examinations, 50 lakh unemployed were thrown out.

Chief Minister – The state has provided adequate water, seedli, fertilizer and electricity to the farmers. The Kisan Suryodaya Yojana has provided electricity to farmers in 1055 villages during the day. MAN We will provide electricity to farmers of 18 thousand villages in a year.
Reality – Gives electricity to only 1 thousand people in 9 months. It is not possible to cover 6,000 villages in a year. In 25 years, BJP government did not work.

Purchase of crops

Chief Minister: In 2014 to 6-7 years, Rs 15,000 crore has been purchased at the support price. 3700 crores against loss.
Reality – 12 million tonnes of groundnut has been harvested in 6 years. Peanuts worth Rs 72,000 crore are produced at Rs 1,200 per 100 kg. Which means that the government has purchased only 8 percent of peanuts, cotton and other crops, not more than 4 percent. The government has procured only 16,000 tonnes of all crops in 4 years. It is a fraction of a million tons of production.

crop insurance

Chief Minister – The poor farmers are not suspicious of paying crop insurance premium, the government has started the Chief Minister Kisan Sahay Yojana. Everything pays premium.
Reality – The government has stopped insurance of all the rich and poor farmers. Now the government only provides assistance to a small number of farmers for loss.

Swaminathan committee

Chief Minister – Provides assistance of 2 thousand rupees to the account of farmer family.
Reality – This aid is nothing compared to the natural harm done to farmers. Also, according to the Swaminathan committee, there is no need for the government to provide this assistance if it adds 50 percent of the profits to the cost price. So the income of the farmers themselves will double.