Rupani, Patel, Modi scam to recruit 10,000 employees in government

Ahmedabad, 14 February 2020

False marksheet in government job recruitment in Gujarat has resulted in the recruitment scam of 10,000 in Multipurpose Health Worker Livestock Inspector Class-3, Village servant through invalid position certificates. Despite appearances before Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, Amit Shah has not given any inquiry into the scandal and has not ordered Rupani.

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee leader Dr. Manish Doshi said that wrongdoing in hiring of multipurpose health worker in Gujarat is being done wrong with the future of young people who want to get jobs in large scale jobs. The government is keeping an eye out for protecting scams instead of taking action even though the government has full details of false certificates, false marksheets and invalid degrees.

Corruption per candidate of 40 thousand to 1 lakh

Why is the state government not taking action against the institutions which are invalidated by the order of Gujarat High Court? Certificates from several out of state universities Rs. 40,000 to 1 lakh open trade is running. If the average of the certificate is considered to be Rs.50 thousand, then a certificate scam of Rs.5,000 crore and recruitment scam of Rs 50,000 crore is being considered.

Female health worker

In the Health Department, District Health Panchayat filled up of 2 Female Vacancies of Female Health Workers and 2330 Vacancies of Multipurpose Health Workers till 2012-2018. A massive scam of 33 districts has been carried out by scamming lakhs of rupees on the basis of a massive bogus degree certificate. Despite widespread evidence including bogus degrees, false marksheets, the BJP government is not taking action. The health department of the state is aware of the entire scam and despite scrutiny reports from six districts, the government is scrounging the scams.

Livestock keeper

Leader of the Congress, alleging that the BJP government is arranging its recruiters like many recruits on the basis of false certificates and bogus degrees in the livestock inspector class-II recruitment process. Manish Doshi said, “There are several scandalous BJP government identities like paper leakage, misappropriation of merit, misinterpretation of circulars.” But the biggest scandal in a government job is running through a false marksheet, a bogus degree, certificates of wrong experience. The government is taking action to ensure that livestock inspectors get large-scale appointments on the basis of bogus degrees in class-I and the true hard working young people are deprived of jobs.

MultipurposeHealth Worker

Congress party leader Dr Narendra Modi exposes state-wide recruitment scam of multipurpose health worker Manish Doshi said that in Jamnagar, Dahod, Arvalli, Narmada, Banaskantha, Kutch, Rajkot, Morbi, Surendranagar, Mahisagar have been recruited on the basis of bogus degree. UGC is not accredited to two universities in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Himachal. Such bogus certificates have been issued by three state universities outside Gujarat. Vadodara Vidhanagar, a youth leader associated with the BJP, trades bogus marksheets, bogus degree certificates and experience certificates, tribe patterns in districts including Valsad. As an employee of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, the lecturer in the Lok Sabha (LRD) recruitment, as a multipurpose healthworker, has made many recruitments in large numbers.

Notwithstanding the LRD, MPHW, scandal, BJP government has been blind to the complaint of false certificates in recruitment of Nursing, Talati, Class-I, Class-I, Clerk of Livestock, Inspector of Class-II, Bogus Degree. The BJP government is working to protect people from scams instead of giving justice to the right people.

Diploma Course in MPHW Six such institutes, including Vinayak Mission University of Tamil Nadu and OPJ University of Rajasthan, trade bogus degrees and the government is escaping liability by scaming millions of rupees despite full information. Despite the verdict, the government did not work tirelessly in this direction for four years.

Amit Chawda’s earlier statement

Millions of youths were examiners in the non-secretarial clerk’s recent recruitment process; despite the evidence being clear, the government spent about six months in the name of SIT and provided political protection to the scammers. Due to clear evidence of malpractice, paper bursting, the non-secretarial clerk has been forced to cancel the examination, which is being considered by the students of Gujarat – a triumph of youth power. The whole life is tampered with. Along with the injustice done to millions of youths by adjusting their faculties in government jobs in Gujarat, the functioning of various departments of Gujarat is also having a serious impact. Footage The Congress party staged an aggressive rally in the interest of the youth of the state through an assembly march. Outside the Legislative Assembly and the Assembly, the Congress party consistently endorsed the youth of Gujarat for justice. In the last fifteen years in the state, large-scale malpractice in recruitment of all the classes in various departments – through the backdrop of financial incentives, short-term jobs, the job scandal, reaches the minister of Gandhinagar – the chief minister.

Recruitment scam of 50,000 government employee, was announced by ALLGUJARATNEWS on December 16, 2018.