Gujarat Home Minister State Pradeep Jadeja’s man, BJP leader attacked by car to kill his man

Ahmedabad, 10 June 2020

As soon as public life becomes normal in the state of Gujarat, crime incidents are once again being recorded in the police books. Robbery, smuggling, bootleggers have become rampant. Anil Patel, a resident of Hathijan Vivekananda Nagar in Ahmedabad and a land broker, was a former BJP general secretary in Ramol ward.

His wife Parulben Patel is a former corporator. Husband Anil Patel, who was fatally attacked by car, has survived.

Due to a bootlegger trying to board the car at night. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. BJP activist Anil Patel works with Home Minister Pradeep Jadeja. They are very active in their area. He was laying the foundation of BJP in his area.

On June 8, Anilbhai’s wife had a stomach ache and he and his neighbor Brijesh Parmar went for a medical at 10 pm. When they reached Sector 4, they were hit by a car coming from behind and flew into the air. Anilbhai survived the evacuation.

The car was driven by Sheetal Rajput, a bootlegger living at Barejadi. Anil Patel had reprimanded Shital for harassing a young man who was doing business of interest. He was attacked because of his hatred or some other reason. A case has been registered at Vivekananda Nagar police station. Home Minister, state Pradeep Jadeja’s lax police policy and multi-crore installments have made the bootleggers rampant.