Gujarat’s Maldhari community leader Bhima Rabari resigns from BJP

July 2021

In Porbandar, Maldhari community leader Bhima Rabari and workers have resigned in frustration over the BJP’s performance. Bhima Makwana has been the president of Scheduled Caste Morcha of BJP. He is currently the president of the Maldhari community. He had also come on the agitation against the BJP government for the Scheduled Tribe certificate.

With the preparations for the assembly elections in Gujarat, the process of resignations of leaders in political parties and joining other parties has started.

About 200 workers, including the president of Porbandar District Rabari Samaj Education and Charitable Trust, resigned from the party in protest against the BJP. Resigned from BJP citing displeasure over several issues including certificates and social work.

Bhima Rabari had announced that it would be the BJP’s turn in the 2022 elections. 200 workers are resigning from BJP for the injustice done to us. The agitation was called off after the government promised to issue certificates to the Scheduled Tribes. He has taken such a step after not getting the certificate even after the guarantee of the government.

Students of Maldhari community have first agitated against the government on the issue of LRD exam and then a huge rally was also organized by Maldhari community in Porbandar for the ST certificate.

Singers and community leaders also stood by the students during the agitation. After this the government resolved the matter. BJP’s Maldhari has started resigning.