The betrayal of Ahmed Patel, Congress will be costlier, the war in Gujarat for one vote

Gandhinagar, 10 June 2020

The importance of the value of one vote will once again be understood in the Rajya Sabha election to be held on 19 June 2020. In the past, the value of one vote was invaluable at the time of Ahmed Patel’s election. After wine Congress MP Ahmed Patel by one vote by MLA Chhotu Vasava.

Ahmed Patel betrayed BPT MLA Chhotu Vasava and did not help in Lok Sabha 2019. Once again, one vote each for Shaktisinh and Bharat Singh. The two leaders are cheating the party to get each other’s votes. Now Chhotu Vasava cannot vote for them.

If the BJP no longer resigns even a single Congress MLA, the Rajya Sabha election will be disturbed. This means that if the Congress has enough MLAs, then the Congress needs only one vote to win the second seat. The confidence of the Congress remains intact even today.

Gujarat Congress has claimed that the party will get two seats in the Rajya Sabha election despite its eight MLAs leaving, which means that two Congress candidates Shakti Gohil and Bharat Solanki will win. Congress needs one vote to win two seats.

Two members of the BTP as well as one member of the NCP have been spotted, but if these three MLAs vote for the BJP, the Congress will not win another seat. The removal of Shankar Singh from the post of NCP president is considered as a whip of one-vote. Now Chhotu Vasava will not vote for Congress. Because Ahmed Patel has cheated him.

Congress MP Ahmed Patel

“We need only one vote to win the second Rajya Sabha seat in Gujarat,” said Rajiv Satway, in charge of Gujarat Congress. Even in 2017, Ahmed Patel needed one vote to win and we got it. We are currently working on numbers.

At the time of the Rajya Sabha elections in 2017, the Congress had 77 MLAs which has now come down to limit. Eight Congress MLAs have resigned since March. Congress has sent its MLAs to Valsad, Ambaji, Vadodara and Rajkot.

Ahemad Patel’s right hand Shaktisinh has been given priority in the Gujarat Congress. But the state Congress is wobbling for Bharat Singh Solanki. The Congress has eight votes short of the second seat.

If the Congress cannot manage even a single vote, Bharatsinh Solanki will have to return home to America. They are trying to draw the vote of Shakti Gohil’s Congress. 12 MLAs were also contacted.

BJP’s Narhari Amin will win the election in place of Bharat Solanki. Narendra Amin was harassed by Bharat Solanki in the Congress, so he left the Congress and joined the BJP at the behest of Narendra Modi and Anandiben Patel.

Congress has not sent a Patidar MP to the Lok Sabha in the last 25 years till date. This is the way of Patidar Hot Bharat Solanki on Shakti Gohil. The BJP has sent 9 Patidars to the coalition in 25 years.