Gujarat is Hindu laboratory, In Narendra Modi’s BJP rule, buffalo becomes more important than holy cow

Gandhinagar, 5 August 2020
The BJP already considers Gujarat a laboratory of Hindus, several years. In which cow is worshiped as mother. Until the BJP was not in power, there were agitations in the name of holy cows. In the name of cows, he won the sentiments of Hindus and asked for votes to come to power. In the BJP’s 24-year rule, the importance of buffalo instead of cow has increased. In 24 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had 14 years of rule. Even then the base of the cow did not increase. When Narendra Modi was the Chief minister, the slaughter of cows in Gujarat did not stop and the base of the cow did not grow. There was a time that Gujarat BJP used to go by the name of cow. Due to the slaughter, the movement kept name of the cow is our mother. But nothing happens to the cow.

Today the situation is such that Gujarat is nowhere in the top 10 states of India in cow rearing. Instead, Gujarat ranks third in the country in buffalo breeding. In Gujarat, buffaloes are given more importance than cows in 24 years, today such situation is being created. Gujarat has 1.04 crore buffalo and 92 lakh cows.

What is in the BJP states
Even in BJP-ruled states for a long time, buffaloes are gaining more importance. These include Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Against this, other states have stopped giving importance to buffalo instead of playing cow politics. Haryana used to drink only buffalo milk but now in 7 years the number of buffalo has decreased by 28.22 percent. Buffalo was once more in Punjab, but now the people there have reduced the number of buffalo by 22.17 percent in 7 years. The same thing applies in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. Thus, where there is little or no BJP rule, people quietly reduced buffalo and gave importance to cows and started drinking their milk.

There are 92 lakh cows in Gujarat, out of which 33 lakh cows are of foreign or foreign mating breed. Thus 35% of cows are foreigners. Out of 18 lakh bulls, 1 lakh is used as bull. It has 5 lakh mail buffalo in front of it.