Gujarat is no longer the non-violent era of Gandhiji’s time, Gujarat is not ranked among the 14 states that eat fewer eggs 

Gandhinagar, 25 November 2020

People from all over the country have believed that the people of Gujarat are vegetarian. But with political changes in the last 25 years, egg consumption has increased since the advent of Hindutva ideology. People of Gujarat are now egg eaters. There are 14 states-less feeders compared to Gujarat. Gujarat which used to give the message of non-violence, has started eating more eggs there. Gandhi’s theory of non-violence is no longer in the time of Hindu ideological state power. Despite Jain Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, egg consumption is increasing. The report released by the central government reveals the availability of eggs in each state.

29 eggs are eaten

Goa, Daman-Diu, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Nagaland, Pondicherry, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Sikkim, Himachal, Rajasthan, regions eat fewer eggs than Gujarat. Up to 24 eggs are eaten in these states. Whereas in Gujarat, on an average 26 to 29 eggs are eaten in a year. The average person in India eats 61 eggs a year. If half the population eats eggs, then 10 eggs a month in India.

With the onset of winter, egg consumption has increased.

Vegetarianism and non-violence were prevalent among every citizen of Gujarat 25 years ago. The message of non-violence here is that despite having millions of followers through Jainism, Vaishnavism and the Swaminarayan sect, the passion for egg-eating is higher than that of citizens of other 14 states.

15th place

Gujarat has 6.50 crore people, egg consumption increased by 4%. Neighbouring state of Rajasthan, egg consumption is increasing at a rate of 14.2 percent. In Kerala, Maharashtra, the rate of growth of egg production is very low. Gujarat ranks 15th.

2 percent share

Gujarat accounts for 2% of the country’s total egg production. Rajasthan has a 1.6 percent stake. Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of eggs in the country at 19.1 percent. It is followed by Tamil Nadu, Telangana, West Bengal and Haryana.

200cr eggs

Egg production in Gujarat is continuously increasing. Gujarat produces 26 to 29 eggs per head per year. Which will be known to produce 32 eggs in 2021. 200 crore eggs are produced. But in Andhra Pradesh from 2013-14 to 2018-19, the consumption of eggs directly from 1300 crores to 2 thousand crores eggs is eaten every year. 87.33 per cent of eggs laid by improved hens. While 11.52 percent are native hens. However, duck eggs are eaten less often than in other states. 1 percent of duck eggs are eaten.

What did Gandhiji say about eggs

Gandhiji wrote in the experiment of truth, 17th chapter that eating does not mean to suffer, but to live. In the diet, not only meat but also eggs and milk were abandoned. Drinking milk is only four  child,  but not the other animal. Humans have ruled the animals and birds, not to kill them. Food Pantry, Pudding, cakes contain eggs. That is why I am not eating eggs.

વર્ષે ઇંડાની પ્રાપ્યતા – વપરાશ अंदे का वपराश – पर हेड
2013-14 2018-19 state
પ્રદેશ eags eags-अंडे राज्य – प्रदेश
ગોવા 3 15 Goa
દમણ-દીવ 6 0 Daman-Diu
ઉત્તરપ્રદેશ 9 12 Uttar Pradesh
બિહાર 9 12 Bihar
નાગાલેન્ડ 10 15 Nagaland
પોંડીચેરી 10 9 Pondicherry
મધ્યપ્રદેશ 13 26 Madhya Pradesh
ઝારખંડ 14 19 Jharkhand
છત્તીસગઢ 14 69 Chhattisgarh
આસામ 15 15 Assam
સિક્કીમ 16 8 Sikkim
હિમાચલ 16 14 Himachal
રાજસ્થાન 17 22 Rajasthan
દાદરાહવેલી 24 0 Dadrahaveli
ગુજરાત 26 29 Gujarat
અરુણાચલ 31 44 Arunachal
ઉત્તરાખંડ 33 42 Uttarakhand
મિઝોરમ 35 38 Mizoram
મેધાલય 39 38 Meghalaya
મહારાષ્ટ્ર 43 50 Maharashtra
મણિપુર 42 36 Manipur
કાશ્મિર 45 14 Kashmir
ત્રિપુરા 48 70 Tripura
પશ્ચિમબંગાળ 51 88 West Bengal
ઓરીસા 56 54 Orissa
છત્તીસગઢ 56 69 Chhattisgarh
કર્ણાટકા 68 95 Karnataka
કેરાલા 69 62 Kerala
પંજાબ 155 191 Punjab
હરિયાણા 171 224 Haryana
લક્ષદ્વીપ 170 169 Lakshadweep
તમિલનાડુ 205 265 Tamil Nadu
આંદામાન 259 220 Andaman
આંધ્રપ્રદેશ 264 372 Andhra Pradesh
ભારત 61 79 India
દિલ્હી 0 0 Delhi
તેલંગણા 0 0 Telangana