BJP government’s atrocities where Sardar Patel agitated for farmers

BJP government’s atrocities where Sardar Patel agitated for farmers

Dilip Patel January 2022

On 18 October 2017, farmers from 10 villages of Anand protested. Earlier, even during the express highway, the land of the farmers used to go away. They have not been compensated yet.

Force was becoming a mystery. Because dictators have come by force.

80,400 trees were coming along with cultivation on the way to Gujarat.

The best varieties of Navsari and Valsad are the afus mango and Ladwa chikoo orchards.

More than one thousand farmer families participated in the huge rally in Navsari. A large number of women participated in the rally from Navsari Swapnalok Society to Collectorate. Navsari Collector sent the application to the State Officer, Land Acquisition Officer.

He demanded speedy regulation of compensation for the loss caused to the farmers.

These rules were not made by the dictatorial government of Gujarat.

Since the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project is a multi-state project, there was a demand that the land be acquired as per the law of the central government. But the Rupani government of Gujarat changed the law of the Center and started capturing the land of the farmers. Against which the farmers struggled till the end.

As per the Land Acquisition Act 2013 of the Government of India, when it comes to acquisition of land for a non-public project, those displaced due to it have to be rehabilitated.

No action was taken against him and he was not informed. Therefore, it demanded that the declaration be revoked and the rehabilitation process be carried out. The social impact of land acquisition has to be seen legally. Farmers have made such a demand.

entered the fields

Never took permission to plant poles in a farmer’s field. After removing the pillars, the officials said that now you have no right on this land. In many fields, they used to come at night and break the pillars of the railway track. The farmers were protesting.

In response to the state government’s dubious methods of initiating land acquisition, landlords in Valsad and Navsari were no longer willing to give up their land. Since 15 June 2018, farmers in Valsad had held at least two major protests in Vaghaldhara village, forcing them to leave the village when teams of the National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation arrived to conduct a survey to measure the land. . Gujarat Kisan Samiti organized a four-day farmers rally from Ahmedabad to Dungra on 22 June 192 at the state level.

In Chikhali, the Gram Sabha passed a resolution in protest

Betrayal in Ghenkatai

The bullet train passes through the land of Ghenkati village of Chikhali taluka of Navsari district. The meeting was organized to inform the farmers what the government wants to do for the farmers where the land is going by bullet train and to answer the queries of the villagers.

The Gram Sabha had secretly passed a resolution that the people of the village had agreed for the train. The matter came to the notice of the people of Gama and it was strongly opposed.

The British did the same. now saffron english

Protest in many villages not in one village

protest against 22 villages of surat

The bullet train will pass through 22 villages of Surat district. The land acquisition officers went to the village and protested by running a watermark.

The officers coming to survey the land in the villages of Choryasi taluka have not been allowed to survey the land. Similar protests have taken place in Kamaraj taluka as well.

Protest till the response of the objection petition

Farmers of Andergata village in Valsad district protested against land survey for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project. Attempts were made to stop the officials of National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL). A company brought in by the police started the operation.

The farmers of Bhatia village protested against the officials of NHSRCL to measure the land.

The police were called to Inderta village. Now the rights started coming with the police convoy. Thus began the abuse of the police. But the farmers continued to protest demanding police action. He made it clear that he would not allow land acquisition. The land of 25 farmers of this village has gone.

The police forcibly evicted the farmers from their land. If women were protesting, they were also spoken to badly. Women farmers were forcibly evicted. Japanese officers and Company officials forcibly entered the land under police protection, despite the peasants saying that no one should enter their property. Measured out. The farmers said that they did not want to give up the land and did not disclose the amount of compensation given by the government. There is also an allegation of threatening the police. The police had also threatened to arrest him.

war of 1947

Gandhi reminded Sardar

Kneel down for public vote

save the chair

saffron english

The BJP government has suppressed the farmer leaders in Gujarat so that they do not agitate. The saffron British have captured the eyes of the farmers by reminding them of the white British. Threatened. The fear of the law was shown. Farmer Nayak was beaten up in the police station.

The Bharatiya Janata Party government had passed 3 laws unconstitutionally to make a handful of industrialists prosperous.

Modi is not a patriot

If BJP leader Narendra Modi is a true patriot, then agriculture policy should be made first.

Many outsiders Gandeva Taluk