Officials working for BJP leaders in Gujarat never retire, 1.5 crore seized from retired officer

Gandhinagar, 25 November 2020
Retired officers Arvind Aggarwal and PK Gera are likely to get a one-year extension due to lack of senior officers and loyalty. The tenure of GSFC Chairman and Managing Director Arvind Agarwal and GACL Managing Director PK Gera ends by the end of this month. Full-time Managing Director of GNFC may come soon.

23 IAS and IPS officers in 2020, retired or on the list of staged ages by the end of the new year.

Re-appointment of loved ones 

Retired in the month of September 2020. Officer Dr. PD Vaghela has been reappointed to the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India for three years. Additional Chief Secretary level officer and GMDC managing director Arun Solanki is likely to be placed in any department of the secretariat. There are likely to be new appointments in the board and corporation soon. These changes are possible at a time when the state government is making major changes of top officials this month. The practice of re-appointing retired officers has increased since the time of former Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Retired IAS officer K. Kailash Nathan is a prime example of this.

Amit Shah was feared by IPS , AK Surilia who retired 5 months ago.

1.47 crore received from class 3 officer

On November 24, 2020, I received Rs1.47 crore from Waghaji Dove, a retired forest officer of Class-3, Amreli to ACB. It was learned that he had acquired movable and immovable property and assets worth crores of rupees in the name of his family members while acting irregularly during his job. The property was found to have 80.59 percent more of the legal income. Vaghajibhai deposited Rs 15.72 lakh in the bank account in the name of his family members at the time of demonetization. IAS and IPS never raided in Gujarat. 

Check property

As many IAS and IPS officers are in Gujarat, if their assets are checked in Gujarat and outside Gujarat, it is possible to get crores of property from many officers.

19 IAS and 5 IPS retired in 2020

In the year 2020, officers in the Gujarat government have retired or will now, in which the beloved officers have been given a job again.
April – Arvind Aggarwal, Atanu Chakraborty, Shivanand Jha
Me – that. D. Kapadia, a. That. Surolia
June – c. R. Kharsan, s. This way. To knock This way. Padalia, d. B Vaghela
DN Patel.
July – M. S. Patel, Punamchand Parmar, p. El solanki
August – Anil Mukim
September – p. D. Vaghela, J. R. Dodiya, M. R. Kothari, R. B. Rajyaguru
October – Sangeeta Singh, a. J. Shah, SM Patel, Kamalkumar Ojha
November – Anuradha Mal
December – c. J. Patel

12 will retire in IAS 2021

There are 12 IAS in 2021. DB Rahwar in January, MJ Thakkar in February, NK Damore in April, Dr. went on deputation to Central Government in June. V. Thirupugaz, I. K. Patel and R. R. Rawal is about to retire. RJ Halani, RK Patel will retire in August, AV Kalaria, GH Khan in September and RP Gupta and VB McEwan in December.