Gujarat, new sugarcane variety which produces more than any other variety in India

Gandhinagar, 20 August 2020
18 varieties of sugarcane are grown in Gujarat. It matures in 10 to 12 months. Agricultural scientists of Gujarat have developed a new variety of early maturing, strong, good yield sugarcane “Navya”. Gujarat Sugar Can 6 has given 132.63 tonnes per hectare in South Gujarat, yielding 25.24 percent more than the others. Sugar production is good, resistant to the disease. Its germination capacity is very good. The Department of Sugarcane Research Center says that insects are growing, including swarms, whips, pests and white flies.

Additional production of 61 thousand rupees per hectare

This variety has been developed by Navsari Sugarcane Research Branch, Navsari Agricultural University. Another famous variety Co.N.05071 (Gujarat sugarcane 5) has an output of 113.84 tonnes. The production of Co.N.5072 (Gujarat sugarcane 6) is 132.53 tonnes. Thus there is a higher yield of 18.69 tonnes per hectare. In one hectare, Additional yield of Rs.63030 is available.

Planted in Gujarat

Currently, sugarcane is cultivated in Gujarat in 240,000 to 250,000 hectares. The highest in Surat is 121200 hectares. 50% of Gujarat is cultivated in Surat district. Tapi has 26700 hectares. According to the final report for 2016-17, 3300 in Vadodara, 45000 in Bharuch, 6700 in Narmada, 9000 in Valsad, 17000 in Navsari, 200 in Dang, 100 in Anand, 2100 in Bhavnagar, 2100 in Bhavnagar, 100 in Rajkot. 100, 100 in Morbi, sugarcane is irrigated on 2600 hectares of Gerasomnath land.

New varieties of Junagadh

Gujarat gives a yield of 121.20 tonnes per hectare to get more production of sugarcane and sugarcane 5. Which gives 17 to 19 percent more yield than other varieties. However, the research center claims that the new variety yields 152 tonnes per hectare. Containing 18.76 percent sucrose. Yield of this variety is 32 to 62% higher (97.59 tonnes / ha) than that of the control variety. It is good for jaggery in Gir Somnath and Junagadh districts. Sukaro and Ratada can fight the disease. Gujarat cane 6 is killing him.

Sugarcane in India

The productivity of 81 tonnes can be increased on average. Sugar recovery is 10.5%, which can be increased to 11%. Sugarcane productivity in India is 116 tonnes. There are 186 million tonnes in the world, 350 million tonnes in India and 768.5 million tonnes in Brazil. India is second. China is the third largest producer of 100 million tonnes of sugarcane. India produces 70 tonnes per hectare in Brazil and 75 tonnes in China.

Sugar production

Sugar production in Gujarat has come down in the last season. Gujarat has produced 9.28 lakh tonnes of sugar in the current season as compared to 11.21 lakh tonnes in 2018-19.