Hardik Patel, the new hero of Gujarat politics, why can he become Congress president?


When the BJP tortured Hardik Patel, then he has emerged as a hero. Now he is working precedent.

Gandhinagar, 22 December 2020

The Gujarat Congress has started a debate on the names of the new president and the opposition. Hardik Patel is also in the queue.

After Gujarat Congress President Amit Chavda and Legislative Congress leader Paresh Dhanani resigned for, in the Assembly bypolls for 8 consecutive defeats, discussions have now begun for a new president. Both leaders have responsibility for the loss in the recent by-elections. BJP won all the 8 seats in the by-election.

In-charge Rajiv Satav arrived in Delhi with the resignations of Amit Chavda and Paresh Dhanani due to the Congress’s poor performance in Gujarat. Both submitted their resignations to the party’s party in-charge Rajiv Satav.

Instead of Amit Chavda and Paresh Dhanani, the Congress may give a chance to other faces.

Gujarat Congress in-charge Rajiv Satav may also resign.

Before the local body elections are held in 2021, the Congress must elect a new state president and leader of the opposition. Local government elections are scheduled for February.

Apart from Hardik Patel, the names of good Congress leaders Arjun Modhwadia and Jagdish Thakore are also in the news.

The names of Ashwin Kotwal, Shailesh Parmar and Pooja Dynasty are being discussed as the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly. While Hardik Patel’s name is heading as the state president.

There is a possibility of a major reshuffle in the Gujarat Congress before the local elections. Why Amit Chavda is not ready to be the president now.

If Hardik Patel is made the state president of Gujarat Congress, he may face BJP in local body elections.

The high command could not take a final decision on the resignation, but shortly afterwards the search for the region’s president began. The major challenge before the new Congress president is whether to first form an organization or contest elections.

In the last Lok Sabha election, the Congress could not win any of the 26 seats in the state. The Congress has also suffered heavy defeats in the 2017 and 2020 Assembly by-elections.

After the defeat, the Congress leader Lok has failed to get the wallet paper removed.

Dhanani has served as the Leader of the Opposition for three years. They too have never been successful in getting the ballot from the Gujarat elections. Peanut scam, insurance scam, land measurement scam, both the leaders later tied up silence. Why? A question is resonating in the minds of every Congress worker.

In the 2015 local body elections, because of Hardik Patel, the BJP lost a lot of seats in district panchayats, taluka panchayats and municipalities. BJP could not get votes in villages due to Hardik Patel. Against which the Congress got more votes and seats.

Local government elections are being held again in February 2021.

More than 20 Congress MLAs have given electorship from Congress during Rajiv Satav’s tenure as state incharge. Those who have joined BJP. Kanai, however, has been given money and positions by the BJP.

Not only Amit Chavda-Paresh Dhanani, but Rajiv Satav also failed to save the Congress MLAs.

Hardik Patel was made the acting president of the Gujarat Congress by the Congress High Command on 11 July 2020, a year after joining the Congress. After becoming acting president, Hardik Patel challenged the BJP to form the Congress government in the 2022 assembly elections.

Hardik Patel issued a statement on how the Congress will give tickets to the leaders in the next elections. Hardik ordered the workers to reform. He said, “Like Bhagat Singh, the youth is an ideological activist. If he betrays us, we will go to his house and answer.” Now only loyal, old and strong workers will get tickets. People transacting money will be kept at home. The ruling BJP gives crores of rupees, leaving MLAs and activists in the lure of money.

After becoming acting president, Hardik Patel now started contacting the people of Gujarat. Hardik Patel has seen and listened to the plight of Congress workers and locals.

Hardik Patel started his political career with the Congress after benefiting the upper castes under the leadership of the BJP government in the movement. He became acting president at the age of 26, joining the Congress at the age of 26.

Hardik Patel has claimed to form the Congress government in Gujarat in 2022.

Patidar Reserve Movement Committee leader Hardik Patel said in his meeting in Amreli, “Farmer’s son should be the chief minister. Amreli’s Congress candidate Paresh Dhanani is not the MLA candidate but the chief ministerial candidate.”

Reasons for becoming Congress president

These could be the reasons if Hardik Patel, the acting president of Gujarat Congress, is made the state president.

In the 2015 local body elections, the BJP lost in district panchayats, taluka panchayats and municipalities due to Patidar voters. The reason was the Patidar Anamat Andolan and its leader Hardik Patel. BJP could not get votes in villages due to Hardik Patel. Congress got more votes and seats. In 2017 too, Congress has benefited.

Ahmad Patel should not come forward in Gujarat He wanted to give, now he is not in this world.

All the old leaders have failed to bring the Congress to power.

After the huge success of the gold reserve movement, he devised a strategy to take all castes together. He sought to take backward class leader and MLA Jignesh Mevani and minorities with him and as a result, he was able to become the acting president of the second largest party of Gujarat at an early age.

He is young and has a long political life ahead of him. Let’s go on our prepared path. Proceed without counting anyone. This has become his merit. He has been able to win the hearts of senior and youth Congress workers. The way it works is different.

The fighting spirit and tendency not to bow down in front of power kept him ahead in politics.

What is background

In August 2015, 24-year-old Hardik Patel held his first social rally. Since then, by 2020, Gujarat has emerged as the strongest political leader in five years.

From 2015 to 2020 have seen fluctuations in popularity, attraction of top leaders, impressive performance in assembly elections, jail, tyranny of government.

Due to successful public meetings in North Gujarat, Hardik came to Ahmedabad and held a public rally on August 25, 2015 at the GMDC ground. After that, Hardik’s name became known throughout the country.

He was jailed for 9 months on charges of treason. He stayed in Rajasthan for six months due to the deportation order. BJP’s tyrannical government has registered 56 cases against him across the state. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah have banned entry for Hardik Patel in his own Mehsana district.

Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) founder and convenor Hardik Patel started gaining popularity in 2015 with a rally in Visnagar. He became famous nationwide by organizing a revolution rally of 2 million people standing in and around the GMDC grounds of Ahmedabad. Former Chief Minister Anandiben Patel made a great mistake by seizing her. People had gone home from Reilly. Hardik Patel, who was sitting on a fast, was arrested and lathi-charged at the GMDC ground, after he came live on TV, people came out of the house and started committing violence in front of the government. Anandiben Patel did not give orders to carry out the charge of Kohatha. It is believed that Amit Shah had given those orders. So that the government of Anandiben Patel goes down. This is how it happened. Anandiben had to go and Hardik Patel was made a hero.

14 people died

After a general GMDC rally, the celebrity was formed. The young men and women were embracing selfies with them.

He became popular, as the BJP state government made many mistakes and used the law against Hardik brutally. He was sent to Lajpore Jail in Surat on charges of treason. That’s when he emerged as a fighting hero.

But for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Hardik Patel was a headache and for Hardik Patel, the BJP was a headache.

Hardik Patel’s popularity had declined since 2017.

Emerge from fast

He emerged prominently in the country’s political arena when politicians from across the country came to Ahmedabad to meet him after an 11-day fast.

People started believing that he was punished for preventing him from contesting the 2019 elections and he again became popular among the people.

Both Patidar caste who worship Kuldevi differently. Which he has created one. The slogan of Jai Uma-Khodal was given.

Hardik Patel did not want to enter politics until he fasted for 11 days. He had also announced this earlier.

But when the BJP government in Gujarat continued to harass him by registering one crime after another, he was forced to go into politics.

The BJP forced him to enter politics. Because BJP’s Rupani and Anandiben’s government registered 56 crimes against him and made him an aggressive leader.

During the fast, he noticed that politicians from across the country were inviting him to join his party.

He decided that he wanted to play politics in Gujarat but like Balasaheb Thackeray, he was running the government in Maharashtra with remote control. Hardik wanted to become a kingmaker.

His real political life began after an 11-day fast.

The Congress helped Hardik in his fast and in the fight against the government.

Patidars went, along with Congress

In 1985, Congress made a mistake by adopting Kham Theory. In this, Patidar, Brahmin, Savarna were separated. A mistake by Madhan Singh Solanki led the Congress to go out of power after 5 years of government. The Congress has never come to power in Gujarat since 1990.

Four Patidars have become Chief Ministers in Gujarat so far. It is because of Hardik Patel’s reservation movement that the Congress has been reinforced in Gujarat. In the last 1985 Madhav Singh Solanki government, the Congress was ousted by the people of Gujarat in the reservation movement. Again the 2015 reserve movement revived the Congress.

The demand for waiver of farmers’ loans, employment to unemployed youth and the ongoing atrocities on the people of the BJP government are playing an important role in Hardik Patel’s movement.

Government had to bow down

July 2015 – Hardik Patel, a member of the Sardar Patel group, visited several villages in north Gujarat such as Started organizing various programs in Viramgam, Visnagar, Mansa and Mehsana.

The Gujarat government announced the Mukhyamantri Swavalamban Yojana to provide scholarships and subsidies to the people of the gold community under this scheme.

In front of the government

October 2015 – Hardik Patel arrested for protesting for a one-day match between India and Australia. He was later arrested on charges of treason.

April 2016 – Gujarat government announces 10% ABC quota for people of upper caste society.

July 2016 – Hardik Patel released on bail on condition of leaving the state. Hardik Patel moved to Udaipur and stayed there for six months.

Close friends like Chirag Patel, Varun Patel and Reshma Patel partnered with Hardik.

August 2016 – Gujarat High Court implements 10% ABC quota. The state government knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court. September 2016 – Supreme Court also bans ABC Reserve.

BJP president Amit Shah was forced out of Surat. The new Chief Minister Vijay Rupani scattered the Bhavnagar program.

January 2017 – Hardik Patel, who returned to Gujarat after exile, was welcomed at a big function in Himmatnagar. Addressed the session in Himatnagar. Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani got support.

October 2017 – Congress President Rahul Gandhi invites Hardik Patel to join the party. Hardik Patel denied this.

November 2017 – Released CD allegedly by political leaders.

By campaigning against the BJP in the assembly elections, Hardik Patel directly benefited the Congress. He had benefited the Congress without joining the Congress. December 2017 – BJP lost 14 seats in Saurashtra in Patidar voters majority areas. There was a defeat of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and State President Ranchod Fadu, General Secretary Bhikhu Dalsaniya.

Hardik joined the Congress in the presence of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during a rally in Gandhinagar district ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in March 2019.

He became the working President of Congress on July 11, 2020. (Translated from Gujarati)