Gujarat sowing in 2 lakh hectares, this will be done 95% in 4 days when the second round comes

Gandhinagar, 9 June 2020
According to the meteorological department, another round of rain will fall in Gujarat in the next 4 days by 13 June 2020. Some rivers in Saurashtra, South Gujarat, Central Gujarat and Kutch have been flooded due to rains. Farmers are happy with the rains that are suitable for sowing. By June 6, 2020, 2.18 lakh hectares have been sown by Sunday evening. The second round is starting in which a new weather system has been set up in an area of ​​80 lakh hectares in the state i.e. 95 per cent in Gujarat.

According to the meteorological department, rains are likely in North and South Gujarat as well as Saurashtra. Currently, Surendranagar, Wadhwan, Botad, Bhanvagar, Sanand, Ahmedabad received rain for the second day in a row. Umarpada taluka of Surat has received 7.28 inches of rain in 2 hours. Walia taluka of Bharuch, Nana Rann of Kutch, Rapar, Manaba panth have been flooded due to rains.

The world’s tats flocked to the store to pick up seeds and fertilizer. Farmers started sowing in the fields by purchasing groundnuts, mugs, mats, millets, guar, cotton, castor through the sales union. Megharaja did Maher. In Gujarat, rains were observed in some parts of Saurashtra, including South Gujarat, following the monsoon. The shortage of labor has exacerbated the plight of farmers.

Peanut planting

Good sowing has taken place in Saurashtra due to the coastline. Sowing has been done in 11 districts in 1 lakh hectares. Including pre-planting. Due to good rains in Junagadh, sowing has increased in 40 thousand hectares all over Gujarat. 17 thousand hectares have been sown in Rajkot, 13 thousand hectares in Amreli, 10 thousand hectares in Morbi, 14 thousand hectares in Somnath and Gir. There is no sowing anywhere in 7 districts of South Gujarat. There is no sowing in 8 districts of Central Gujarat. There is a rumor that sowing has been done in 2 thousand hectares in North Gujarat. Thus groundnut cultivation has become good in Saurashtra.

Sowing has been done in 2.18 lakh hectares in the state. Sowing has been done in 1600 hectares in 7 districts of South Gujarat. In Saurashtra, 1.73 lakh hectares have been planted. In which 1 lakh hectare is groundnut. There is 50 thousand hectares of cotton. Planted in 12 thousand hectares in Central Gujarat. 1.88 lakh hectare area has been planted in North Gujarat.