High peanut prices, yet declining exports in Gujarat

(Dilip Patel)
In 2020-21, 6.39 lakh tonnes of groundnut was exported. Exports were expected to reach 7 lakh tonnes this year. But he is wrong. Despite a 40 per cent rise in groundnut prices, exports declined.

Barely 5.44 lakh tonnes of groundnut could be exported from April to January 2020-21. Its export value was Rs 4,500 crore.

In 2021-22 till April-January 4.42 lakh tonnes were exported. The export value of which was only Rs 4,000 crore.

Thus, this year despite good groundnut prices, there has been a sharp decline in exports. 1 thousand crore less exports.

The price of a can of Singulum oil has increased from Rs 2,530 to Rs 2,580. The cost of a can of cottonseed oil was 2520 to 2580.

Due to high demand for groundnut in China in 2021, six lakh tonnes of groundnut oil was exported. Groundnut oil exports from India increased due to a fall in groundnut production in neighboring countries due to floods last year. Due to the trade war with America, China imposed 25 percent duty on goods imported from America.

For 2021-22, inclusive of monsoon, winter and summer, the agriculture department is expected to plant groundnut in a total area of ​​19.79 lakh hectares and produce 45 lakh tonnes. The monsoon is expected to reach 43.84 lakh tonnes.

The country was expected to produce 8.3 million tonnes of groundnut.

summer peanuts
The production was expected to be 1.17 lakh tonnes against 53,000 hectares in the summer. Summer is usually planted on 49 thousand hectares. At present, 61 thousand hectares are cultivated in front of it. In which 1.43 lakh tonnes of Magalfi is estimated to be ripe. In summer, not only in Saurashtra but also in Banaskantha, the maximum cultivated area is 24 thousand hectares.

The current price of 1100 to 1400 is 20 kg. There is a huge boom.

The price of groundnut oil in the retail market was Rs 182.50 per litre. In 2020, the cost of one liter of groundnut oil was Rs 147. Which increased to Rs 176.28 in 2021.

Prices of various oils, including groundnut, increased by 25 to 40 per cent in a month.