In Gujarat, the government bought only 8% of peanuts of farmers

Gandhinagar, 6 March 2021

The Gujarat government has announced in the Legislative Assembly that it has procured 7 lakh metric tonnes of groundnut worth Rs 4,000 crore from farmers in two years. In fact, in two years of government cost, the groundnut crop has been worth Rs 47,845 crore. But the government purchased only 8 percent of peanuts. The farmers suffered a lot due to the price.

Regarding the rising prices of edible oil in the state, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said, “Farmers have received more than the support price in the open market and as a result, farmers have benefited more financially by planting groundnut plants.”

Food and Civil Supplies Minister Jayesh Radadia said that the state government has paid Rs 4,000 crore to farmers for purchasing 7 lakh metric tonnes of peanuts at a price of Rs 1,100 in the last two years.

Under the public distribution system, the government has distributed BPL and Antyodaya ration cards twice a year at the rate of 1 liter per card. In 2019, 66.55 lakh pouches were given.

In fact, people believe that peanut oil purchased from farmers should be extracted and given to the poor.

As per the 2020-21 estimate of the state government’s agriculture department, peanut production in 20.65 lakh hectares was expected to be 38.28 lakh metric tons. The average yield per hectare is 1853 kg.

As per 2019-20 estimates, 46.45 lakh metric tonnes of groundnut was grown on 16.85 lakh hectares. The average yield was 2751 kg per hectare.

The government estimates that 83.73 lakh MT of groundnut has been planted in two years. In two years, the government procured 7 lakh metric tonnes of groundnut. This means that the government has purchased 8% of the groundnut produced.

Bought it for Rs 1100. In fact, farmers can get the benefit of their labor and land rent and profits only when they get Rs 1,800. Farmers believe that the support price should be Rs 1800.