2350 people died in Amreli assembly constituency, 11 thousand people informed of death on first day of survey

Gandhinagar, 14 May 2021
Congress released figures from some districts and estimated that 2 lakh people have died due to Quran in the state. People say, why is the BJP government dancing in Tandava?
Leader of the Opposition Paresh Dhanani said, “We have started a survey to find out the exact details of the deaths and help the government.” In which 11500 people have applied online on the first day. On average, 10 thousand people apply every day. The condition of rural Gujarat is bad.
Legislative social audit
For 20 days, the MLA Congress Party has started a social audit of the MLA with details of 23 issues of Kovid being collected. In which MLA and workers are working. In which correct information will come about how many people have actually died in Gujarat. We will create a village list and post it on social media.

2350 deaths in Amreli assembly constituency alone
In Amreli Assembly, 2350 people have died in two and a half months from March 1 to May 10. It will be revealed how many people died in the 182 assembly constituencies. If at least 2,000 people die in an assembly constituency, the number becomes very large.
In the second wave, an average of 10 people lost their lives in 18,000 villages in 182 assemblies. Government makes fun of people. Says Dhanani.
In two months, 130 people were stopped by Lather Dharol on PSC in a village with a population of 14500.
Dhanani says that the Rupani government is doing a tandava dance on death. Instead of taking away people’s pain, it hides the facts.
According to official government figures, the state has more than 4 patients per minute. Every hour 3 people are killed. This is the figure for the government. But people are losing their relatives.

Lack of oxygen is killing the patient. The state government has started a new control room in the disaster management office to provide easy oxygen supply to corona patients in the state.

But the thing is that due to not getting beds in the hospital, the patients are sitting in ambulances for hours. Several corpses are laid for cremation. Why is Rupani doing Tandava?
Even the promises of the BJP to bring Ram Rajya have ruined the people.

In 71 days between March 1, 2021, and May 10, 2021, the government has announced 4218 deaths from Corona.

These days, a total of 1.25 lakh people have died due to all reasons in Gujarat. 3.37 percent of deaths are due to corona.

Between 1 March 2020 and 10 May 2020, 58068 people died in 71 days. Even then it was Corona.

Thus in these 71 days, there has been a 100 percent increase in the death rate this year in the same period of two years.

But the thing is that if fewer people are dying than in Corona, why are so many more dying this year? This is the big question. Even the promises of BJP to bring Ram Rajya have ruined the people.
80% of deaths occur in patients with co-pain.

Eighty percent of those who died in 71 days had other diseases.

High blood pressure accounts for 38 percent of the deaths in the state. Diabetes and kidney and liver disease-account for 28 percent of deaths. The proportion of patients suffering from other diseases is around 14 percent.

After recovering from Corona, 4,000 people died of heart attacks in these 71 days. Even the promises of the BJP to bring Ram Rajya have ruined the people.

By age, 60% of people over the age of 45 died. About 20% of those who died were under 25 years of age. (translated from Gujarati)