The Agrarian Reform Bill has nothing to do with the MSP, UM State for Agriculture Parshottam Rupala

Gandhinagar, 15 December 2020

Today, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Parshottam Rupala said Gandhinagar that farmers’ organizations and farmers across the country demanded to implement the recommendations laid down in the 2004 report of the Swaminathan Commission.

There is no provision in the bill for the agreement between the private company or the merchant on the farmers’ land.

Arrangements have been made for the farmer to enter into agreements with the merchant or company at the price of the produce grown on his land and earn better income with legal protection.

If the company or trader makes a mistake in the agreement with the farmer, the farmer can complain to the local collector. Provision has been made in this bill to dispose of it within 90 days and to give compensation to the farmer.

The Agrarian Reform Bill has nothing to do with the MSP. MSPs are being purchased, and will continue to be purchased.

The MSP of paddy for wheat in the year 2020-21 is Rs 1,868. The central government of BJP has increased the MSP of various crops by about 40% in the last six years in the interest of farmers.

Products like pulses, lentils, mugs have been procured in MSP.

In Gujarat, it has purchased in the last 4 years at a support price of Rs 15,000 crore.

In the last six years, the BJP government at the Center has purchased paddy and wheat worth Rs 8 lakh crore and 112 lakh metric tonnes of pulses from the MSP.

On getting the right price, he will be able to sell the agricultural produce to the merchant. He said.