In the last breath, a very cheap ventilator prepared by SPTL

Surat: Private ventilator Surat’s private SPTL has discovered that life-saving medical emergency can save lives in the midst of death. An 8 kg weight ventilator has been set up at Surat’s Civil Hospital for inspection. Which is worth Rs. 50 thousand. Because of its low weight, it can be easily manipulated. It’s incredibly good to shift patients to any space.

This is the first ventilator of this type across India.

The ventilator can be operated for 6 hours even if the electricity is gone. It has a 230 volt battery of Indian made. No. 5 is prepared. The company is in talks with the government to sell the second nude. SPTL has the capacity to produce 250 numbers per day.

Millions of lives can be saved by keeping these ventilators in rural or small hospitals or out of service hospitals.

Rajkot’s Dhaman -1 ventilator is worth more than Rs 1 lakh.