Modi flew sea plane 3 times, it became a death way, Sabarmati riverfront a suicide point

Ahmedabad, 15 March 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cheated people by flying a sea plane 3 times from the walkway of Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad.

The Sabarmati riverfront has become a suicide point after the suicide of a young woman named Ayesha from Ahmedabad. People come on foot and walk on the path of death. The Walk Way has actually become the Death Way. An average of 150 people commits suicide here in a year. An average of 3 days of suicide occurs at the Sabarmati Riverfront. The highest number of suicides in Ahmedabad is from the Walkway.

In Ahmedabad, 800 people commit suicide, 150 of whom die on the banks of the beautiful Sabarmati River.

People now use the walkway for suicide because the bridge has been forged. There were more suicides by jumping off the bridge, tied to being forged. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation refused to forge the pedestrian trail. Because, if forged, the beauty of the riverfront would diminish. The beauty of the riverfront is important, not the lives of the people. The administration believes so.

People come to the walkway and fall in love with death. The Walk Way has now become the Death Way. The 12-kilometer walkway has only one boat and two firemen to rescue. Which saves 50 locos in a year. If there were 10 boats, 200 locos could have been saved. But human life is not important for BJP.

In 2017, 290 people jumped into the river. In which 217 were killed. 74 people were rescued. In the year 2018, 151 people jumped into the river. 116 were killed and 35 were rescued.

In 2019, 108 people jumped into the river. In which 88 people died. 20 people were rescued. In 2020, 142 people jumped into the river and 98 died. While 29 people were rescued.

In 2021, 16 people jumped into the river, 14 were killed and one was rescued.

A total of 707 people jumped into the river in 5 years. In which 533 people were killed. 159 people were rescued.

People commit suicide due to reasons such as economic integration, mental stress, love affair, being reprimanded from home, frustrated with job, domestic violence, boredom due to illness.

In 2019, 7655 citizens committed suicide in Gujarat. In 2019, there were 795 suicides in Surat, 763 in Ahmedabad, 416 in Rajkot and 218 in Vadodara.

Surat recorded 795 incidents in 2019 against 816 in 2018, while Ahmedabad recorded 763 incidents against 706 in 2018, 416 against 449 in Rajkot and 183 in 218 incidents in 2018 in Vadodara.

The number of suicides among sick citizens has increased to 172 in Ahmedabad and 170 in Surat. While 77 people in Rajkot and 22 in Vadodara have committed suicide due to the disease.

In Ahmedabad, 32 people committed suicide due to unemployment, 15 in Rajkot due to career problems, 66 in Surat and failing in exams in Ahmedabad. However, three cases of suicide were reported due to poverty in Vadodara, whereas in 2019, there was no suicide due to poverty in Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot.

Surat has the highest number of suicides in four metros due to family problems, love affairs and other reasons. In Surat, 485 people have committed suicide due to family problems. Then in Rajkot, 106 people committed suicide due to family problems and 49 due to love affairs. While 73 people have committed suicide in Ahmedabad and 37 in Vadodara.

Three-layer security will now be arranged on the Ahmedabad riverfront. In which 2 speed boats, 15 scooters, 2 golf carts will be patrolled by women police. There will also be 1 police outpost every 1.5 km. 20 outposts will be set up from one end of the riverfront to the other. 250 CCTVs with facing scanning will be installed over an area of ​​13 km, including security at the riverfront. Police personnel will be deployed with swimmers in 2 speed boats and there will be 2 special cyber police stations along with women police.

Police and local authorities have taken the decision after Ayesha Makrani’s suicide a few days ago, although local authorities have already installed an iron grill on the 7th bridge of the Sabarmati River to prevent incidents of suicide. Police and women police will be active from Jamalpur River Front to Shahibag River Front. The three-layer security will be under the direct supervision of the city’s police commissioner. Police hope that this protection will reduce the number of suicides.