Jarosite mineral is the only place in Gujarat like Mangal, Kutch

Gandhinagar, 16 July 2020
The mineral Jarosite mine has been found in the Mata Madh area near Ashapura in Kutch, Gujarat. The land of Kutch is now similar to Mars. NASA is conducting research. The only place in the world to be Jarosite. Jarosite is believed to have formed here 72 million years ago.

ISRO – NASA revises
ISRO – Rover landing for NASA’s Mars mission will be studied here. NASA scientists came to Kutch. Here in Gujarat, the Earth is like Mars.

IT Kharagpur, Center for Space Applications Research, Ahmedabad (ISRO) and National Geophysical Research Institute Hyderabad will conduct a joint study on the subject. With this research, they will learn about the existence of water on Mars. He will be able to know what changes occurred on Mars due to changes in the atmosphere. Work on his research has started.

Lakhpat already has mineral treasures. High-quality lignite is being found at Panandhro, Umsar, Mata Madh. Lakhpat is also rich in crude oil and bauxite. Now, according to the details obtained about Jarosite in Kutch, this rare substance is formed in a very heterogeneous environment. Jarosite mineral was found on Mars by ISRO in 2004.

The mini mars can go on tour 
Since the color of Jarosite is red, the soil color of this region is red. Here a picture resembles the surface of Mars. Declaring the area as mini marshal can boost tourism. However, the Gujarat government has not taken any interest.

Rocks have also been found
American scientists have believed. The components of mars’ sickle such as hydrogen sulfate potassium and iron make up the Jarosite. Scientists at St. Louis-based Washington University say that Mars is the best mining science analogue in Marsh. A portion of sulfates mixed salts, on the surface, they are rapidly converted to iron hydroxide (goethite, limonite), sometimes into sulfate compounds (Jarosite).

Head of Geology Department of Kutch University, Dr. Mahesh Thakkar has said that six NASA scientists came to Kutch for research. However, the image taken by the rover on Mars was similar to the result of the imagery done at NASA’s Matnamadh. Now many researchers are coming to Kutch.

Matana marh ‘sickles such as hydrogen sulfate make potassium and iron components Jarosite. Scientists at St. Louis-based Washington University say that Matanamadh is Mars’ best mining science analog.