1.10 lakh houses from solar power plant 558 MW, Gujarat the first state in the country

Gandhinagar, 21 June 2020
Gujarat is a hub of clean green energy with maximum production and consumption of solar energy. Gujarat has been the number one solar rooftop plant in the country. Gujarat has also achieved remarkable achievements by installing 208 MW plants from 55630 solar rooftop systems in a short span of only 9 months. Solar rooftop plant on a total of 110029 houses in Gujarat by 19th June 2020

According to the website reports of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), a total of 558.17 MW solar rooftop plants have been set up in the state of Gujarat by May 31, 2020.

The country aims to generate 1.75 lakh MW of solar power by 2022. “Surya Gujarat” is a solar rooftop scheme to ensure maximum utilization of solar energy for household use in Gujarat. Which will be on the roofs of 8 lakh houses by 2022.

The subsidy amount is 40 per cent of the fixed price up to 3 kW and more than 3 kW and 20 per cent subsidy up to 10 kW is given by the government. For this purpose, a provision of Rs. 912 crore has been made in the state budget for 2020-21. 8 lakh households will get a subsidy of Rs. 11500 per household. The power distribution company also buys additional electricity at a price of Rs 2.25 per unit. As on 19 June 2020, 1.28 lakh applications for Solar Rooftop have been received on the online portal.

States leading in installing solar rooftop plants
Gujarat ranks first with 558.17 mega watts
Rajasthan ranks second with 266.82 mega watts,
Maharashtra ranks third with 245.50 mega watts,
Karnataka ranks fourth with 232.77 mega watts,
Delhi ranks fifth with 156.20 mega watts,
Tamil Nadu ranks sixth with 156 mega watts,
Uttar Pradesh ranks seventh with 146.10 mega watts,
Haryana ranks eighth with 121.34 mega watts,
Punjab ranks ninth with 118.52 mega watts,
Telangana ranks tenth with 118.22 mega watts.