Ladakh has been branded by APEDA Organic Fruit Sea Buckthorn, nothing for Dang of Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 26 July 2021
APEDA will provide special assistance for branding and promotion of Ladakh products. The target is to make Ladakh an organic zone by the year 2025. A lot of emphasis will be placed on the branding of a fruit called sea buckthorn which is used for medicine. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, omega and other essential nutrients. In addition, farmers are being helped to grow leafy vegetables that grow at -25°C. The farmers are demanding that 15 agricultural products from 30,000 farmers in Dang be used to set up APEDA market.
Gujarat’s Dang district is being made organic, but till date it has not helped. Therefore, now the pressure is increasing on the Gujarat government to help Dang in front of Agriculture Minister Parshottam Rupala.
A Comprehensive Action Plan for Promotion of Export of Agricultural Products from APIDA, Ladakh in collaboration with the officials of Department of Horticulture, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry of the Central Government, along with preparation of farmers entrepreneur
During an interaction with the officials of Ladakh, APEDA officials stressed on the need to use minimum amount of chemicals in agriculture.
To help in branding, APEDA has urged not to use chemicals and fertilisers. The target is to make Ladakh an organic zone by the year 2025.
To provide technical support for branding, promotion and marketing of Ladakh products.
The Mission has set up an Organic Study Group for Organics, which is formulating and implementing the process at various stages of issuance of ‘Organic’ certification and preparation of documents for its certification.
APEDA Leh and Ladakh District Agriculture and Horticulture Departments, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Science and Technology, DIAR, is continuously working for the comprehensive development of agriculture sector in Jammu and Ladakh.
30,000 farmers from 310 villages of Dang have 53,000 hectares of land. Which was to be converted to organic farming in 5 years. Marketing system will be set up for farmers to do processing and value addition. Currently there is no arrangement. There is no help from the central government for this.
As an organic crop in Dang
There are 12 varieties of paddy in monsoon. In which Milk Cream, Lal Bawte, Kudiya, Bengali, Ambamor, Tulsi, Kajalhare, Khadi, Pejia, Mussoorie, Kolpi, Chimansal, Ghudia, Taichun, Kalobhat, Satia, Dumania, Kamod, Kawachi, Kada, Chirali, Lalkada, Milk Kanjan Hare Are included. , Desi Kolam, Lal Nagli, Desi Adad Dal, Toovar Dal, Groundnut, Varai, Soyabean, Gram, Wheat, Mango, Groundnut, Vegetables, Cashew and Kharsani, White and Red Nagli, Vari, Sava, Barti, Kodra, Bhadla, Crops As Ra is produced by traditional farming method. Which does not help APEDA to find the global market.