Marigold flowers, which have the highest productivity in India in Gujarat

Dilip Patel
Orange Marigold. French marigold is a new variety with two colored flowers. Whose border is orange and deep red in the middle. The size is small with the dispersal nature of the plant. Flowers are seen throughout the year. Flowers appear 30-35 days after planting. Plants last up to 3 months. Color changes depending on light, temperature and flower conditions. Looks like a flower all year round. The flowering period is up to 9 weeks.
Flower size 4.8 cm. Is. The flower yield per acre is 5.8 tonnes.

Gujarat currently produces 9.67 tonnes of marigold per hectare. If farmers grow new varieties, the productivity can go up to 10 tonnes per hectare. Thus the farmers of Gujarat get the highest production of marigold as compared to the new variety. Which can be the highest productivity in the whole country. 20 to 80 rupees per kg. There can be a profit of Rs 2 to 4 lakh per acre.

Fragrant and colorful market of flowers
The smell of flower garden has increased in Gujarat. The production of flowers has increased by 130 percent in the last 10 years. Rose, marigold, mogra and lily are the biggest markets. Plantation and production have increased by 78 per cent and 130 per cent respectively. Two lakh tonnes of flowers have started growing in Gujarat.

The production of marigold in Gujarat is 87299 tonnes.

The highest production of marigold is 50 thousand tonnes in central Gujarat. Ahmedabad has the highest production of 9651 tonnes of marigold flour in the whole of Gujarat. Which is 12% of the total production of Gujarat. Kheda, Anand and Vadodara are in second place after Dahod. Then South Gujarat gets 22400 tonnes. Mary Gold is 8300 tonnes in North Gujarat and 5800 tonnes in Saurashtra.

production of all flowers
In 2008-09, flowers were planted in 11,473 hectares. Which has increased to 20497 hectares in 2018-19. It has an increase of 9024 hectares. Which shows an increase of 78 percent in 10 years. In 2019-20, 1.96 lakh tonnes or 2 lakh tonnes will be produced in 20 thousand hectares. The productivity per hectare is 9.62 tonnes. Which seems to be more in India.
Of all the flowers in Gujarat, 85216 tonnes of flowers were produced in 2008-09. It has increased to 1.96 lakh tonnes in 2019-20.

Farmers in North Gujarat and Saurashtra-Kutch are showing less interest in flowers. Central Gujarat produces good flowers. Because it is being exported from Ahmedabad airport. Two lakh tonnes of flowers are produced in one lakh tonnes in central Gujarat. Navsari, Anand, Valsad, Vadodara, Ahmedabad are among the districts most interested in flowers.

High quality roses, gerberas, carnations, gladiolus, orchids, aureum, gypsophila etc. are produced and exported to the international market. Yu Ha exports 27%, Netherlands 14%, Japan 13%, Germany 6% flowers. India is the third largest exporter of dried flowers in various floriculture products after Australia and South Africa.

Scientists in Bangalore have discovered another new marigold flower.

Accra Shubha with 2.8% Carotene is good for pharmaceutical industry. New varieties of marigolds developed are valuable even if they perish after full bloom because they can be used for the extraction of raw carotenes. Other flowers are ruined when it rains or falls. Also this flower can be used for processing. Other marigolds contain up to 1.4 percent carotene.

Best quality for floriculture and medicinal use. These flowers can also be sold for ornamental purposes. Additional oil extraction can be done by industry farmers. Aromatic oils are always in high demand.

At present, India imports most of its carotene from other countries including China. Farmers can plant a sapling in the field to extract carotene. Oil can be exported.

In addition, its petals can be used as poultry feed to obtain quality yolk.

marigold varieties
Arka Bangara flowers of medium size yellow golden color, flowers in 40-45 days. Gives flowers for 65-70 days. Flower diameter 5-6.5 cm. Is. The yield is 8 tonnes per acre in winter and 5 tonnes in summer.

Arka Bangara-2
The flowers are golden yellow. Flowering starts 40-45 days after sowing and continues till 60 days. The flowers are compact and large 7–7.5 cm in size. The yield potential is 8-10 tonnes per acre.

acre fire
Orange flowers appear after 40-45 days, flowering lasts up to 60 days. The flowers are compact and large 7.5-8 cm in size. passed. The yield potential is 8-8.5 tonnes per acre.

Arka Pari
Orange bloom begins 9 weeks after 30 days of planting. Size 4.3 cm. Is. The number of flowers on the plant is 500-600. The yield per acre is 4.7 tonnes.

The country produces 760 lakh tonnes of flowers in 2.53 lakh hectares. The country exports 3 to 35 million tonnes of flowers worth Rs 400 crore annually.

The world production of French marigold is 8 to 12 tonnes per hectare. The yield per hectare of African marigold is 11 to 18 tonnes.