New flavors of honey, kesar mango, litchi or mustard can be obtained


Gandhinagar 20 November 2021

Farmers in Gujarat now chase flowers and take bees from village to village. Where you can find honey that smells like fragrant flowers. Farmers also allow such beekeepers to keep hives in their fields. Which has the advantage of both.

Honey with a taste similar to cumin, fennel, mustard and groundnut is now available in Gujarat.

People going on morning walk in cities are health conscious. Therefore, the big consumers of honey are morning walkers.

When the crop of herbs used in various diseases flowers, the bees are taken there and honey of that herb is produced. In which honey for heart disease, herbs for diabetes are becoming popular. Eucalyptus honey is the most popular.

Wax is released from which lamps are made. There is a good demand for Jenny’s Mall.

The life cycle of a worker bee is 45 days, while that of a queen bee is three years. Bees produce sweetness by working hard in a short life span of 45 days.

a landless business

The smell of flower garden has increased in Gujarat. The production of flowers has increased by 130 percent in the last 10 years. Rose, marigold, mogra and lily are the biggest markets. Two lakh tonnes of flowers have started growing in Gujarat. Flowers were planted in 11,473 hectares in 2008-09. Which has increased to 20497 hectares in 2018-19. In 2019-20, 1.96 lakh tonnes or 2 lakh tonnes will be produced in 20 thousand hectares. Of all the flowers in Gujarat, 85216 tonnes of flowers were produced in 2008-09. It has increased to 1.96 lakh tonnes in 2019-20.

Against this the production of honey does not increase. That’s why fake cheap honey is used. People are eating fake honey worth crores of rupees. Beekeeping honey was to be produced at 18101 locations in Gujarat in a single year. Out of these 6392 places allowed beekeeping to produce honey.

It is possible to make 120 million hives in India because of 40,000 species of plants. 6 million people can do this work. 12 lakh tonnes of honey can be produced. In Gujarat, 5 lakh people can make 90 lakh tonnes of honey from 90 lakh hives. Despite this the government is not serious. In 1936, Gandhiji started making honey through village industries in Gujarat.

It costs Rs 1.90 lakh to build 100 honey houses. Against which a net profit of Rs 2.90 lakh remains. 40 kg of honey is obtained from a honey house and Rs 150 a kg, so a honey house earns Rs 6000.

India ranks 9th in honey production. 85 lakh tonnes of honey is produced in 10 lakh colonies. It provides income to 2.50 lakh families in 40,000 villages in India. Exports from India to Germany, USA, England, Japan, France, Italy and Spain.

It is estimated that 1800 villages and 1200 families of Gujarat are engaged in honey business. Doctor. C. C. Patel, Jalpa. P. Lodaya, Department of Entomology, B.N. Honey and many scientific details have been prepared by A. Krishi Maha Vidyalaya, AAU, Anand.

1 crore in 60 lakh hectares of India and 5 lakh bee colonies in 3 lakh hectares of Gujarat.

increase in agricultural production

In farms that house honey, production has increased from 17 per cent to 110 per cent. In which 44% is in mustard, 90% in onion and 45-50% in fruit. The production of cotton increases by 17 to 20 percent.
People with beekeepers get honey of different tastes and tastes.
If honey is consumed in a cup of cold lemonade or hot tea during the summer, then its taste is full for health. Medicine benefits only when honey is pure.

Pure honey is what nature produces it without blending, slow processing and with consistency and cleanliness.

Honey can be tasted like a field crop and a flower. Bee Boxes – The house is moved from one area to another. When the flowers bloom in Rayada in northern Gujarat, it is taken from Junagadh to Mehsana where Raida flavored honey is found.

Rose and Golgotha ​​taste like honey when it is taken to bee house at Golgotha ​​in Vadodara and Rose Garden in Ahmedabad.

You have to move from one part of Gujarat to another. This is a good thing to do, and it should end there. Must be smokey. Beeswax is also taken out of Gujarat for the new taste. Honey can be produced by visiting the forests of Girnar, Bardo, Alvalli, Ambaji, Saputara.

No land is required for the cultivation of honey. Can be done for less than Rs.5000.

If the bees are taken to the fields and kept there, the farmers will get at least 10% increase in production. It is because of the grass.

Beekeeping business is a sting business. Bee bites me.

No two honeys are alike. Wherever the bees make honey, its taste and aroma gets absorbed into the honey. The honey of Kutch is black. The color also varies.

Dang honey smells of wild flowers. The honey that comes out of the bee’s box kept in the mustard field looks exactly like mustard.

There can be 50 thousand to 10 lakh bees in each hive. In six months, 25 kg of honey and one kg of beeswax are produced.