Massive grain storage destroyed in Lebanon blast might lead to food crisis

The Lebanese capital, Beirut, is on the brink of starvation after a devastating explosion. The blast killed at least 100 people and injured thousands more. The quake, which shook areas outside Beirut, was followed by devastation.

The blast has been a major blow to Lebanon, which is already reeling from the crisis. As a result of the explosion, a huge grain storage near the port has been destroyed. Which was the largest food store for Lebanon. Now Lebanon does not have enough grain to last a month. Because the whole storage has been cleared in the blast. The storage housed 85 percent of Lebanon’s grain. Thus there could be a grain shortage in Lebanon in the coming days.

Lebanon ordered 80 percent of its grain from abroad, which was unloaded at the port that was destroyed in the blast. Now the port will be closed for the next several weeks. Lebanon is already in a state of political and economic crisis, and Lebanon’s troubles are now compounded by the bombings. 3 lakh people have been made homeless due to the blast. Thousands of homes and buildings have been reduced to rubble. Roads are also broken.