Gautam Adani shared a video by tweeting to save Mangroves  forests, forgotten destroy the environment

Some call #Mangroves the rain forests of the sea. Others pay tribute to them for their livelihood. In a nutshell, mangroves enrich our coasts with prosperity. On #InternationalDayForConservationOfMangroves, we renew our commitment to help preserve them for a greener tomorrow.

#Gautam Adani shared a video by tweeting to save Cher – #Mangroves  forests. But,  forgotten what Adani had done previously to destroy the environment. Here, action has been taken against her.

Gauchar land of 19 villages was given to Adani
From 1995 to 2015, the government has given Adani hundreds of acres of pasture land in 19 different villages of Mundra, government waste land, government land, forest land as well as hundreds of acres of land produced by dredging in the sea. There is no government land left in Mundra taluka except forest land. The central government then decided to give the remaining forest land to poor Adani. The state government can decide on other land in the state but the central government has the right to the forest area land declared under the Forest Act, 1927. Therefore, the present government had decided to give a total of 1575.81 hectares of forest land to Adani in 8 villages of Mundra taluka.

Gave forest of 8 villages
The land in this forest area of ​​8 villages of Mundra taluka has been given to Adani and in return land has been allotted for forest area in Lakhpat taluka, a Korean village 200 km from Mundra. Declared a reserved forest area under the Forest Act of 1927. After giving Adani pasture land to 19 villages of Mundra, forest land is used as pasture by thousands of cattle of this village and this forest area is the only pasture area left for these pastures.

Violation of coastal regulation
All these forest areas are covered under CRZ 1A as per the 1991 and 2011 Coastal Regulations. No land or forest area can be given to any company or industry under CRZ 1A. However, the central government has decided to give these lands to Adani. Adani had demanded the land in 2004, but the Center agreed not to do so after a meeting with Rahul Gandhi. The fact is that the decision to give land to Adani has come from RTI.
Giving these lands is a violation of the Forest Protection Act 1980. The Forest Rights Act is also violated. According to the Foulest Rights Act 2006, the right to a permanent forest area is vested in the Gram Panchayat and Gram Sabha as well as the rights of the local people of the area are required by law.

Forest land 1576.81 ha
The land previously allotted to Adani is still vacant. Thousands of acres of land have been given to Adani at a price cheaper than chocolate. Although the land of farmers of 58 villages of Mundra taluka was acquired by Adani in 2009, kxR farmers are still not compensated and their lands have been forcibly removed. This is the reality of development.

200 crore fine
Rahul Gandhi has fully supported the farmers’ fight. He called and discussed the locals at his home on 3 April 2012. And then directed the government department to help us. In 2013, the central government caused huge damage to the environment at local farmers and livestock farmers as well as fishermen and the Adani Port. Ordered to give 200 crores for rehabilitation of local people. BJP’s Narendra Modi was pardoned by the central government in 2016. For this the local people went to the highest court of the country. SC said go to NGT.

Destroying ports and SEZ mangroves
Port and SEZ projects were found to be in violation of environmental regulations to eliminate mangroves. A notice was issued to the company in 2009. The Adani Group was fined Rs 200 crore after a panel of the Environment Ministry was set up to investigate. Which was by far the largest fine for damaging the environment in India.

The ministry had appointed a five-member committee headed by environmentalist Sunita Narayan and the committee said that a large number of cherry trees were destroyed due to non-compliance with environmental clearance rules. Also, the nearby sea blocks have also been damaged. Following the report, UPA’s Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan was ordered to pay Adani a percentage of the project cost or Rs 200 crore, whichever is higher.

When Modi came, he forgave Adani a fine of Rs 200 crore
However, the government at the Center changed before the final decision was taken. As soon as Adana’s friend Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, the matter came to the attention of Environment Minister and BJP leader and supporter Adani Prakash Javadekar. Prakash Javadekar then formed a new committee and resumed investigations. But this time, the ministry has not received any evidence from the committee to prove that the Adani project has harmed the environment. As a result, the ministry took a final decision and removed a fine of Rs 200 crore.

Now a ship wreck business is being done here. Due to which pollution like Bhavnagar can spread. Soon after the BJP came to power at the Center, the Union Ministry of Environment took a U-turn. In 2016, the Ministry of Environment decided to waive fines and damage to the environment by the company. Adani Mundra has 700 hectares of land and has four ports for dry cargo, liquid cargo, container terminals, railways and other development works. It is a large industrial empire.