Reveals video of India’s retaliation against China, showing military might


The situation on the Ladakh border between China and India has been tense for more than a month now, with tensions rising between the two countries following the incursion of Chinese troops into the Indian border. The meeting of military officials between the two countries seems to have failed, now China has tried to intimidate India by posting a video showing its military strength.

The exercise was reportedly carried out in an area of ​​Tibet. In which the Chinese soldiers are preparing for war with vigor. India has also shown the bravery of the Indian Army against the Chinese video. Union Home Minister G. Kishan Reddy has posted a video showing the preparations of the Indian Army on the Ladakh border.

The answer to China in a way is that we are also ready to fight any situation. On the other hand, Chinese fighter jets are flying near the Ladakh border, which is under the watchful eye of the Indian Army.