Injustice with Corona Warriors, pay cuts in tough times


The municipal corporation-run SVP hospital has been rocked by cuts in the salaries of Corona Warriors. Corona’s warriors, including doctors and nurses, are working day and night to treat Covid 19 at a time when their pay cuts have sparked controversy.

The nursing staff of SVP Hospital went on strike and was informed by the SVP authorities in a message that the previous decision was withdrawn and no one’s salary would be deducted. The nursing sisters and staff were outraged when the contracting company slashed the salaries of the nursing staff when the nursing staff at the SVP hospital was recruited on a contract basis.

In many cases, the nursing sisters in the hospital had a salary of Rs 35,000, but instead of compensating them in the Corona epidemic, they were outraged by the payment of Rs 22,000. Shouted

The staff is also Corona positive

“We’re working far from home,” Corona Warriors said. Our salary has been cut by 10 to 15 thousand rupees. Many of the staff have become Corona positive. We couldn’t even go home and on the other hand we were given hotel rooms to stay. From there we are also told to go. So where do we go now.

We have not got any facility in return for working here at the risk of our lives. Thus Corona’s fighters are outraged. “We are being discriminated against,” she said when talking to nursing staff about pay cuts. Salary cuts are being revealed due to the cost of PPE kits and masks