New cases of coronavirus infection are being established in India for 5 consecutive days.

The central government had approved domestic airline services from May 25. However, in view of the growing threat of coronavirus, the people of Karnataka have decided to keep institutional quarantine for 7 days even after the flight.

Corona checks will also be done for passengers arriving at the quarantine center. This rule has been applied to six states. These include Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. These states have the highest number of corona cases.

Notably, 6654 new cases of corona have been detected in India in the last 24 hours. With this, the number of infected corona in the country has come down to 1 lakh 25 thousand and the death toll has reached 3720.

Corona cases accounted for 73% of the cases in 5 states of the country. Only 75% of the victims across the country have lost their lives. Maharashtra is the most affected state in the country with 35 per cent corona cases. In Mumbai alone, 29,000 cases have been reported so far. In Maharashtra, it has exceeded 44,000.

Tamil Nadu has the highest number of 786 people infected in a single day. With this, the number of victims in the state has now reached 15 thousand. Gujarat ranks third with 13 thousand cases. The situation is better in Tamil Nadu than other states. 802 patients have died in Gujarat. Delhi is at number four with 208 deaths. So far 99 people have died in Tamil Nadu.

In India 41% i.e. about 51 thousand people have recovered.