New varieties of white and red onions, 21 percent higher yield, popular in Gujarat, record crop

Gandhinagar, 10 December 2020
In December first week 2020, onion has been planted against an average of 40,000 hectares in 43,000 hectares in Gujarat. This time, farmers have planted 100 per cent more  in December than last year. Two to three rains in many areas have destroyed plants but there has been good transplanting.

Maximum crop was done on 15,800 hectares in Bhavnagar, followed by 8,200 in Rajkot, 5,400 in Amreli and 4,800 hectares in Girsomnath. There are 41000 hectares of onion fields in Saurashtra as against 43 thousand hectares in the state.

Yellow, red, pink and white onions are grown in Gujarat. In which yellow leaf onion is the real variety of Gujarat. The white variety of Mahuva is also endemic. But last year, scientists at the Junagadh Vegetable Research Center of Agricultural University, Junagadh recently discovered high yielding varieties of white onion and red onion the following year.

White variety
Gujarat Junagadh White Onion – 3 is new. The average yield per hectare is 398.06 quintals. P WF131 produces 20.8 percent more. The powder contains 13.15 percent solids. Tubers 60 to 65 grams 3 to 4.5 cm. The circumference is 4 cm. 1.5 percent loss of Mogro. The incidence of purple leaf disease and thrips is lower than PWF131, Gujarat white onion-1 and Gujarat white onion-2 varieties.

Red onion
Gujarat Junagadh Red-Onion-11 ‘has been released, which gives 21% more production. Its pungency is very less compared to other onions. The yield is 320 to 325 quintals, which is 21.57, 18.71 and 15.41 percent higher than the Agri Found Light Red, Yellow Leaf and Talja Red varieties respectively.
The average length of onion is 3.3 to 4 cm and gerth is 4 to 5 cm. is. The average weight of onion is 50 to 60 grams and medium red color. Boling has 2 to 3 percent and combined bulbs have 2 to 4 percent.
Infection of purple leaf blight and thrips has been found to be lower than agrifound light red, yellow leaf and tail red. Agrifounds are light red and soles red are less pungent.

Record farming
The farmers of Gujarat have been breaking every year record in onion cultivation. In 1995–6, 444300 tonnes of onions were produced on 18600 hectares. Which was 23826 kg per hectare on average. In 2001, it produced 131,200 tonnes in 6400 hectares. There was barely 20 tonnes per hectare. In 2010–11, 65200 hectares were cultivated. The Agriculture Department had estimated 1306840 tonnes of onions in 46020 hectares in 2019-20. Which was excessive. The productivity was estimated to be 28398 kg per hectare, farmers’ goods were cheaply grabbed by traders. Thus, the officials of the Agriculture Department are proceeding to provide lower prices to the farmers by estimating more planting and higher production every year.