International Minority Rights Day at Siddhpur, do, definition of minorities by region

Gandhinagar, 10 December 2020

There are many places in Gujarat where Muslims, Jains, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists are in the minority. There are 8 states in the country where Christians or Muslims are in majority and Hindus are in minority. The same is found in every state. Therefore, a campaign has been launched by some Christian, Hindu and Muslim organizations in Gujarat and across the country that instead of declaring a minority by country, a minority should be declared region-wise or the word ‘poor’ should be abolished and It should be replaced with the word ‘poor’.

The Minorities Coordination Committee (MCC) is raising demands like funding, education and schools in minority areas. Injustice with minority communities should be removed.

Cow buffers attack the buffalo. In Gujarat, girls from the Muslim community are dropping out of the 10.58% school at Standard 1-5. The government does not take any concrete action on this. Gujarat does not have a Minorities Commission to handle complaints of minority communities. This is an example of explicit discrimination. Minority communities in Gujarat are also not getting the rights that other states have.

MCC convenor Mujahid Nafis said that the Minorities Coordination Committee (MCC) has made 10 demands for minority comms.

1 – Ministry of Minority Welfare (Department) should be established.

2 – A solid amount is allocated in the budget.

3 – Make a law to create a commission.

4 – Government schools up to standard 12 should be opened in areas.

5 – Madrasa education should be recognized as equivalent to Gujarat board.

6- Special economic package is given.

7- Government formulates policy for rehabilitation of people displaced by communal violence.

8- The Prime Minister’s new 15-point program should be fully implemented.

9 – Minorities (Prevention of Atrocities) Act is enacted.

10- Strict laws should be made against incidents like crowd extermination.

MCC’s Patan district convenor Chuvara Abid Hussain said the government’s guidelines would be fully implemented as the conference was being held in the Corona era.