Scenario of groundnut crop varieties in India with Gujarat

11 December 2020

A vast majority of farmers used either their home-grown seed or procured the same from the local vendors. The vendors sell the seeds which are quite often a mixture of varieties. This seed material is sold under the guise of any popular authentic variety or any other assigned name. As a majority of farmers relied on local seed vendors they were not able to ascertain the true identity of the seed material used by them for raising their crops. However, on the basis of information furnished by the farmers, the state wise list of varieties sown is described below.

In Gujarat, the list of varieties included Akshay, Amrut, Apple, Avani 20, Bold, Desi, Dharnidhar, G-10, 11, 13, 17, 20, 22, 29, 30, 31, G-33, 37, 38, 39, 41, 47, G555, G-99, Gavabeej, Gujarat II, Handeji, Israeli, J2, 20, 29, JV bold, Khedut, Kranti 93, Mandav 37, Prerna, Rohini, Super Bombay, Swastika 99, Swati, Sweta, T-33, TGS 26 and TG 41. The varieties GG 20 and GG 22 were the most favourite ones.

In Andhra Pradesh, the varieties used were Dharni, JL, K, K-6, Natu, Nati, Kadiri 2, 5, 6, Nagana, TAG-24 and Narayani. The varitey among all above K and K6 were the most popular ones. Ajaati, Badami, DTBTH, GAFA6, Ganagkaveri, GL, GL24, Gl-6, GTBT, GPBD 4, Jowari, JL2, K6, KF6, M25, Shiggou, trupti and Kopargaon-1 are the varieties used by the farmers of Karnataka. The variety GPBD 4 appeared to be the most popular one.

In Rajasthan, the list of varieties included 20HA, Akshay , Algora, Archana, Ardgi, Awani 20, M-13, Fara10, 20, G10, 20 , G10 (Dharti), Gajrat, Galkot, GG13, GG 20, Girnar, Kadav, Lodha, Shankar, Mangal kalash, Matra, G21 and N-13. Varieties G10, G 22, G 15, MH-1, JL 24, JL 22, JL-286, Unnati, Warna, Vikram, Korad, Kopergaon1 and 2, Phule, Vyas and TLG were used by the farmers of Maharashtra