Agriculture scientist looking for a high quality variety of sorghum giving 46.85% higher yield

Gandhinagar, 15 March 2020

A new variety of super sorghum with pearl white grains has been discovered that can be used twice. Which can be used as grain and as fodder for cattle. Gujarat Scientists at the Sardar Krishnagar Dantiwada Agricultural University have modified the dual-purpose sorghum. The DS-127 (GJ43) was developed from a cross (AKR354X SPV1616).
Experiments were conducted at the Sorghum Research Station from 2009-10 to 2013-14 at the Agricultural University Deesa. After the primary trial in 2014, it was tested in different locations from 2015 to 2017.

The Juwar DS-127 (GJ43) offers 46.85% more product than the other variant GJ39s. And gives 22.66 percent more output than CSV20. Thus, it has now been recommended to cultivate new super-quality farmers who provide excellent grain production.

It is better for the good than the other varieties. Its long-wide leaves are excellent for livestock. The height of the plant is good. Both green and dry are good for animal feed.

In Gujarat, a new sorghum species has been discovered “Gujarat Jawar 43 (GJ43)” to protect the fodder and fodder of weeds. Which has the ability to solve livestock questions. This variety was found in SK Jain and PR Patel Deesa’s Jowar Research Center.

In Gujarat, 31670 hectares of kharif and 25320 hectares are cultivated in 56980 hectares in Ravi. 77430 tonnes were produced in 2019-20. At present, productivity is 1358kg. A good increase in livestock may also be caused by this new variety.