Nitrogen oxide levels have increased up to 30 per cent in lockdown, government was asked to find out the reason

Only Ambient Air Quality has been studied in the Study of State of Environment, Gujarat, during Covid-019 National Lock Down, April-2020 report by Gujarat Pollution Control Board. Based on the report we have made the following observations. There is an urgent need to categorize and create future action plans as shown in the objectives of this study. This has been said by Mahesh Pandya, an environmental friend.

The letter, written to Gujarat Pollution Control Board chairman Mukesh Puri (IAS) in strong terms, raised some objections.

On 31 January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) Declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by the WHO. Subsequently, a one-day public curfew was declared in India on March 9 and a lockdown was declared from March 8.

Vehicles, businesses and commercial activities were largely halted during the lockdown. Due to which the pollution was significantly reduced. Gujarat Pollution Control Board conducted a study on water pollution and air pollution. Air pollution was studied in April

Five parameters were taken for the study of air pollution.

Pollution Control Board conducted continuous ambient air quality monitoring system for one week before Janata Curfew and for one week during Janata Curfew and Lockdown at places like Gandhinagar Vatva Maninagar Ankleshwar and Vapi.

The situation before and after the lockdown was then analyzed

If we look at the situation in Gandhinagar, there was pollution control even before the lockdown and during the lockdown, the situation improved.

Pm10 before the lockdown at Maninagar which was higher than the prescribed dose (123 mg / m3) which decreased and resulted in the prescribed dose. However, a little more carbon monoxide should be found. Overall the air in the atmosphere was purified during the lockdown at Maninagar

Pm10 at Vatva was much higher than the prescribed dose (146mg / m3). In which there was a significant decrease in the overall air of Vatva was purified during the lockdown

Similarly, Ankleshwar and Vapi also had high PM10 which came within the prescribed range during the lockdown.

Based on this study report, we demand that the Pollution Control Board formulate a comprehensive air pollution control action plan based on the views of various stakeholders.

Member Secretary of Gujarat Pollution Control Board A.V. Shah has done.