The people of Gujarat eat a lot of sour and sweet grapes, but there are no fields

Dilip Patel, 10 march 2022
Gujarat has orchards in 4.33 lakh hectares. But there are no vineyards in Gujarat. Such an announcement has been made by the central government. The vineyards in the country produce 30 lakh tonnes of grapes in 1.40 lakh hectares. 2 lakh tonnes of grapes are used in Gujarat. However, it has been declared that grapes are not cultivated in Gujarat.
In Gujarat, grapes are grown in hardly more than 500 hectares. All the grapes in Gujarat come from Maharashtra. Its consumer purchase price ranges from Rs 1500 to Rs 2,000 crore.
The season of eating sweet grapes has started. In 2022, people of Gujarat will buy grapes worth Rs 2,000 crore from Maharashtra this season. All grapes are procured from farmers in Nashik, Maharashtra produces 80% of the country’s grapes. About 70% of the country’s grapes are grown in Nashik. Which the people of Gujarat eat more.
India is one of the ten grape producers in the world. The plantation area is growing very fast. Progress has been made in the cultivation of grapes in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi and western Uttar Pradesh in the last three decades. But not in Gujarat. There is already good cultivation in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu.

Gujarat has more orchards than Uttar Pradesh. Yet there are only scattered vineyards.
One acre of grapes gives 50 percent profit with sales of Rs.6 lakh to Rs.7 lakh per year.
Earlier Junagadh district had large vineyards. Now they are extinct. Grapes were earlier cultivated in Gujarat in an area of ​​about 50.6 hectares and the important centers were Junagadh, Mangrol, Amreli, Mundra, Kutch etc. Viticulture is no longer economically viable in Gujarat.
Maharashtra State Grape Growers Association (MSGGA) has given Rs. 82, for February Rs. 71 and Rs. The prices of 61 were fixed by the farmers.
India exported 2.46 lakh metric tonnes in 2020-21.
The central government subsidy on the export of grapes is 3%.
About 1200-1300 kg of grapes are produced in one acre.
In 20 years, orchards in Gujarat have grown from 2.16 lakh hectares to 4.33 lakh hectares. Production has tripled from 30.63 lakh tonnes to 92.51 lakh tonnes in 10 years. But the farmers are not ready to cultivate grapes. The productivity of 22 tonnes has gone up to 19 tonnes.
There has been a steady decline in the productivity of fruits since Modi moved to Delhi.
India ranks 12th in the world in grape production. About 78 percent of the grapes produced are for direct consumption. Raisins and raisins are prepared from 17-20 percent grapes. Wine is made from 1.5 percent grapes and 0.5 percent grape juice.
Most of the grapes are exported
There has also been a significant increase in the export of fresh fruits from India. Fresh Grapes are the largest exporter of all fresh foods. Fresh grapes and other fresh fruits accounted for 92 per cent of the total exports of fresh fruits from India during the year 2020-21.
By planting grapes in eight acres of land in Rampar (Roha) village, a small village in Nakhtarana taluka, Patidar Ishwarbhai Sankhla is getting 25-30 tonnes of yield per year. Such farmers are counted.