Patil and Shah’s factionalism in Gujarat BJP and Kejriwal’s fear

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Patil and Shah’s factionalism in Gujarat BJP and Kejriwal’s fear

Dilip Patel, Ahmedabad 13 September 2022

Patil is the taking for win all the 182 seats in the Gujarat Assembly and forming the government. But Amit Shah talks with a two-thirds majority. Gujarat was asking to take 182 seats, but now Delhi does not agree with this and CR Patil has backed down. The factionalism of the BJP and the fear of the Aam Aadmi side is beginning to be seen in the BJP.

In 2020, BJP state president CR Patil had said that Gujarat would win all 182 assembly seats in 2022. Then there was a big protest.

“I will not be surprised if BJP wins all 182 seats in 2022,” Patil said. A newspaper wrote Patil’s words that I am confident that BJP will definitely win 175 seats. When this statement appeared in a newspaper, Patil opposed it and complained. He wanted to say that 182 seats would be won.

But now Amit Shah said on 13 September 2022 that two-thirds of the MLAs will be elected with a huge majority.

Thus, there is a difference between Patil and Amit Shah regarding how many MLAs will be elected. A direct glimpse of factionalism can be seen between these statements.

Another implication is that the BJP is getting intimidated by the way Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is aggressively proceeding in Gujarat. There was talk of winning 100 per cent seats, now there is talk of winning two third seats.

The BJP seems to have been shaken by the victory. The condition of BJP has worsened due to the establishment of Aam Aadmi Party in Gujarat.

Amit Shah had said exactly in December 2020 that I guarantee that BJP will form the government in West Bengal with two-thirds of the MLAs. Similarly, 5 years ago in Gujarat in 2017, Amit Shah had said that out of 182 MLAs, 150 MLAs will be from our party. But they were proved wrong. 50 percent less MLAs were elected than what he had said. When 99 MLAs came, BJP’s Vadodara and Saurashtra MLAs started talking against BJP. So, 13 Congress MLAs had to be shifted to BJP at a cost of crores of rupees.

Once again 2022 is the test of BJP leader Amit Shah. Modi wanted to keep him away from Gujarat as he had failed in the last assembly elections. But after the failure of Patil and Patel, Shah has once again come to the battlefield of Gujarat. Shah said that two-thirds of BJP MLAs will be elected in Gujarat and the government will be of BJP. This time he did not say that 150 MLAs would come to Gujarat. He has been successful in harassing Patil by making weak statements.

In Gujarat, Shah had to come quietly to Gujarat and secretly meet his man Vijay Rupani and ask him to resign. Since then, Shah has been troubled.

Now, CR Patil has completely failed to handle Gujarat, so Modi has given additional responsibility to Amit Shah.

As the government formed by Amit Shah ultimately failed, Shah’s Yash Main Rupani was forced to resign, which Shah does not want to forget.

Amit Shah removed Chief Minister Anandi Patel and went to Delhi with his parrot Rupani, but Shah’s policy failed in Gujarat. Chandrakant Patil is now replacing Amit Shah. Since Patil is not well there, he cannot travel. So Amit Shah will have to take charge.

In place of Amit Shah, Chandrakant Patil was given the power to take all the political decisions of Gujarat. Patil has always been against Amit Shah. He did not put a single post of Shah on his Facebook till he became the state president. Now the downfall of Patil has started.

Amit Shah did not even know that Patil was coming as the new state president. Patil was appointed by Modi. The decision to transfer Rupani was also of Delhi. It was the decision of Delhi to appoint the in-charge of Gujarat and to make the organization the General Secretary from outside Gujarat. Not Amit Shah. It was Modi’s decision. Now Modi is fielding Shah.

Amit Shah’s politics was coming to an end in Gujarat. There Patil’s failure has again given Shah a political career. Amit Shah’s era in Gujarat was almost over. But Patil’s failure forced Shah to be brought to the war front.

Shah wanted to bring 150 assembly seats in 2017. But bringing 99 was his biggest failure. However, Amit Shah wanted to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat then. He wanted to become the chief minister instead of Rupani. But Modi did not allow this to happen. Now Shah has again taken the front.

Amit Shah also directed the police officers to lathi-charge at the GMDC ground to remove former Chief Minister Anandi Patel. Since then Modi decided to keep him out of Gujarat.

Modi knows him well. It has been used till date only for carrying out Modi’s policy and Modi’s secret works. Now once again they have come to Gujarat.

In Gujarat, the Patil faction has put aside preparations to fight against Kejriwal.

Shah wanted to defeat Ahmed Patel in the Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat. In which they did not get success. suffered a great defeat. A dozen Congress MLAs were bought for Rs. But had to face defeat.

After his release from jail, after the court banned Amit Shah from entering Gujarat, he moved to Delhi. Since then his political image has tarnished in Gujarat.

Amit Shah forced Anandi Patel to resign as Chief Minister. Shah asked Anandi Patel’s supporters or fans. Created factionalism in the BJP by threatening rose-mannered employees or officials. In which he made his own faction in the party by making former Chief Minister Rupani the state president. By making Rupani the transport minister, he started working for the government with the help of the BJP. The government’s announcements began with factionalism, beginning with the Bharatiya Janata Party office.

In the organization and on the board of the government, Shah had placed people from his own group.

Prashant Kishor declared that Amit Shah was a failed political manager. It has come out true in Gujarat. Amit Shah had to flee from Surat. There was a commotion in his meeting.

Is Amit Shah the most powerful person in BJP?

BJP’s Chanakya and the king of politics Amit Shah are not successful among the people in Gujarat. The people of Gujarat do not like Shah.

Amit Shah has completely changed the way party workers work. What was the policy of BJP is no longer there.

What does the continued presence and activism of Modi-Shah in Gujarat politics reflect even today? what does this mean? Because now the situation is not under control in Gujarat. When Congress was alone in Gujarat, the situation was under control. The second reason is that factionalism in Gujarat governance is still to such an extent that Modi-Shah has to pay attention.