Ministers and Chief Ministers surrounded by people of Congress origin and Congress dynasty

cm vijay rupani
cm vijay rupani

Dilip Patel

Gandhinagar, 23 January 2021

In Saurashtra, leaders of Congress origin and Congress clan dominate the BJP. People of the Congress clan are wrapped around the Chief Minister. All the effective ministers in Saurashtra belong to the Congress clan. Who are becoming special for the Chief Minister. The Congress’ dynasty are more visible around Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. There is neither RSS nor Jan Sangh nor BJP. Leaders of the Congress dynasty of Saurashtra are getting more importance in the Rupani government than before.

BJP’s Congress Management

Saurashtra has a total of 48 assembly seats, of which 23 seats were won by the BJP in 2017. Rupani was the main leader, yet he did not bring half the seats. Earlier, 32 MLAs belonged to BJP. He has now made 36 from the defunct Kara Kay. 18 MLAs were elected by the Congress. There are 10 left now. In Saurashtra, the BJP has won a total of five seats in the by-elections in Limbdi, Morbi, Dwarka, Dhari and Gadda. 16 out of 32 BJP MLAs have Congress or other origin. In Saurashtra, 1 out of every 3 BJP workers belongs to the Congress. From 2007 till date, the BJP has got defection in Gujarat, it has never happened before.

Ministers’ management of Congress

Congress leaders are being trusted in the government more than BJP leaders. The Gandhinagar Secretariat Congress Ministers’ office is full of Congress workers. The anti-chamber is filled with Congress workers. Where BJP workers have no place. BJP workers had complained to the leaders. The leaders responded to these ministers, we manage the Congress. We do their work so that more Congress workers join BJP. Subsequently, some ministers had to instruct the officials not to do the work of the ministers. This is how the government operates. Still, the office of ministers of Congress origin is full.

No one trusted Patil

Rupani’s associates have nothing to do with the BJP’s policies. He is still managing the Congress. As soon as the cabinet is complete, some ministers come to Saurashtra and search the land survey number. Factionalism is run. Hardworking BJP leaders are very upset about this. That’s why BJP state president CR Patil had to come to Saurashtra and announce that no factionalism would work. But with the help of Rupani, the people of the Congress faction have been strengthened. No one is willing to believe Patil’s words.

Keshubhai’s BJP is not in Saurashtra

There is no value for honest BJP workers in Saurashtra. The policy of importing from the Congress and selling them at high prices is seen in the new BJP. Keshubhai Patel, Rajendrasinh Rana, Parasottam Rupala have no place in BJP. It is now the BJP of the times of Rupani, Patil, Modi, Amit Shah. The value of money, not values of thought’s, is now.

The old senior leaders of Saurashtra BJP are nowhere to be found. Currently, the old BJP leader is not valued by Rupani. The new BJP of ministers Jayesh Radadia, ministers Kuvnarji Bavaliya, Jawahar Chavda and Hakubha Jadeja rule Saurashtra. Those who belong to the Congress clan. BJP MLA from Saurashtra 4 or 5 times, he has no place in the party. This is the place where the BJP is running.

The MLA from Saurashtra is not happy with BJP leader and Sanghi Bhikhu Dalsaniya. Bhikhu D. is watching the BJP’s ideas and values ​​break down.

Want controversial leader

Saurashtra BJP needs controversial leaders like Bharat Bogra. The only reason is that he is considered the Chief Minister. Keeping Leva Patel in mind, he has been made a leader. They belong to the original Congress clan. Is from Rupani’s group. Therefore they get importance in every election. He has the skills to surrender to the BJP. Many upper caste leaders have been working since the time of Jana Sangh. There are many leaders in Saurashtra who can lead the Gujarat BJP, but they find no place.

Saurashtra in charge by the leader of Kutch

The new team that CR Patil has created. In this, the leader of Kutch has been given the responsibility of Saurashtra. Those who do not know the geography of Saurashtra, how do they know the workers there.

Nothing fruit

Saurashtra’s strongest leader is Agriculture Minister Parasottam Rupala and former State President and Agriculture Minister RC Faldu, but he has no opinion in favour and government. Rupani was not listening to him in the government. Since 2014, there have been most scams in the agriculture sector. Still he had no idea who committed such scams? They are just masked, but someone is working behind the scenes.

Chief Minister despite decline in seats

In Saurashtra, Vijay Rupani is headed. He come from minority Jainism. He is the first Chief Minister of Minority Com in Gujarat. It is not BJP of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Anandiben. Despite the drop in Saurashtra seats in 2017, Saurashtra activists did not like Vijay Rupani to be re-elected as chief minister.

Bowling with the bat of Gordhan Zadaphia

Gordhan Zadaphia was the BJP vice president in the previous term. This time also he has been the vice president. He has not been given a place as General Secretary this time also. Do not like Zadafia among the old BJP leaders of Saurashtra.

Gordhan Zadaphia called Modi Kansa, Shakuni, maternal uncle, corrupt, scamster, fraudster, and spy before 2012. For Modi No bad words were left by him. The Congress was held, him. Even today it is not possible to say that who made Gordhanbhai an idol. Gordhanbhai ended the careers of Keshubhai, Suresh Mehta and Pravin Togadia. Gordhanbhai has changed 4 parties. Yet today the party has got a place.

Zadaphia travelled to Saurashtra’s match with a cricket bat with Ahmed Patel. He is now playing in the cricket game with BJP ball. Loyal activists have no place in Saurashtra BJP. Half the leadership of Rajkot Is in the hands of they are all chief minister’s men. Many people from Rajkot have been made chairman in the government, which has nothing to do with the BJP. Many people have been promoted, which has nothing to do with the BJP ideology.

Congress recruitment continues

The entire Saurashtra BJP is now full of borrowed Congress leaders. The MPs have also been asked to bring Congress workers to the BJP. If an MP brings 50 Congress workers from one assembly seat, the goal is to defeat the Congress. The BJP is still recruiting the leaders of the Congress clan. Pahle has the Gujarat BJP since 2000 and the BJP till 2021.(translated from Gujarati) gmail –