Prime Minister Narendra Modi selected 22 heroes from Gujarat

Dilip Patel

Gandhinagar, 26 April 2023

In Mann Ki Baat, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel mentioned 22 celebrities of Gujarat in Sneh Milan programme. The honor was done in Gandhinagar. You are a source of inspiration to all others who have made significant contributions to public work and social life in their respective fields.

The satellite was built by Tanvi Patel

Tanvi Patel was studying in space program in a school in Mehsana. It worked on very small satellites. was about to be launched into space. Around 750 school students from across the country are working on 75 such satellites like Tanvi’s at Amrit Mahotsav. Most of the students come from small towns of the country. A few years ago the image of the space sector was that of a secret mission. Youth engaged in space reforms are now launching their own satellites. IN-SPACe is headquartered in Ahmedabad. IN-SPACe is a nodal agency under the Department of Space, providing opportunities to private entrepreneurs to enter and grow in space exploration and commercialisation. It does single window clearance. Apart from ISRO’s information and technology, its infrastructure can also be used by the private sector.


Ismailbhai Rahimbhai Shero, a farmer from Rampura-Wadla in Amirgarh taluk bordering Pakistan in Banaskantha district, has progressed and gained fame in the field of agriculture. Every year it gives guidance to 50 thousand farmers. He is earning lakhs of rupees in a year by exporting pomegranate and papaya. Which has become an inspiration for other farmers.

Due to his prosperity, he cultivates potatoes, vegetables and papaya-pomegranate. Received many awards as well. Started farming against the wishes of the family. Now he is doing farming by selling potatoes in a big company. The farmer has used his stock in agriculture. How to join contract farming? He interacts with the farmers on daily basis and guides them on the issues

Dragon Fruit Harmanbhai

Harmanbhai Dahyabhai Patel, an experimental farmer from Mota Habipura village in Dabhoi taluka of Vadodara district, has been cultivating the exotic fruit since 2016. They practice sattvic farming by using organic fertilizers and compost made from plants. Dragon fruit is taken from home and sold in the local market. Taking inspiration, farmers of Bhilapur and Berampura of Dabhoi taluk have started dragon fruit cultivation as an experiment.

Herman Bhai cultivated palm oil. It was a failure. Dragon fruit cultivation. Saw the video, saw the farming of a farmer from Nandurbar, Maharashtra and did this farming. Red, yellow and white, the three types of dragon fruit are in high demand due to the sweetness of the red fruit. These plants are raised with the help of cement pillars. 2000 saplings have been planted on three acres of land. July to December is the fruiting season. One plant gives 15 to 20 kg of fruits per year. Exotic fruit is a plant product of the genus Thorn. Once upon a time farm frogs were made from this thor.

Surat’s Anvi, Rubber Girl

A disabled girl named Anvi, a resident of Surat city, is suffering from Down syndrome since birth. He is suffering from heart disease since childhood. She had an open heart surgery when she was 3 months old. Slow learning is burning in the school. He suffers from several congenital physical and mental ailments. He has had open heart surgery for a congenital heart defect, and currently has mitral valve leakage. Trisomy 21 and Harsh spring disease cause damage to the large intestine. Due to which there is difficulty in passing stool. He has 75% intellectual disability and also experiences speech problems.

His parents taught him every little thing. Yoga has changed his life. In 2021, 13-year-old Anvi Jhanjrukia was selected for the Prime Minister’s National Child Award-2022. The National Award was given in the ‘Creative Child with Disability Category’.

Despite his physical disability, he has made a name for himself in Yogasana through consistent hard work and resourcefulness. Anvi has gained global fame in Yogasana by rising above physical and mental limitations. Surat’s Anvi has become famous as Rubber Girl. It has become a source of inspiration by illuminating the name of Gujarat. Anvi is a role model for differently-abled people who can lead a normal life with a little effort.

Despite so many problems, yoga has gained fame with determination and hard work. Has won gold medals in many national level championships. He has won 3 gold medals and 2 bronze medals in national level yoga competitions in 3 years. He has participated in a total of 42 yoga competitions, winning 51 medals.

Afreen Shaikh of Ahmedabad

Among the few schools in Ahmedabad, Juhapura’s 99.31 percentile and Ahmedabad’s student Afreen Shaikh, who passed the 10th board examination with 87.13 percentile, won the hearts of the people. Rickshaw puller 16 year old Afreen wants to become a doctor in future. Afreen’s father is Sheikh Mohammad Hamza. Afreen is currently studying Science in Class 11 in Dholka.


Divdandi is in a village called Jhinjuwada in Surendranagar district of Gujarat. From there the coast is more than a hundred kilometers away. Stone learns that a busy port may have been located here at the time. The coast was till Jhinjuwada. The rising, rising, receding, receding of the ocean is also a form of that.


Natural organic honey is popular in the country and the world is certified. Madhurkranti in 2016 – Banaskantha of Gujarat has become a major center of honey production. Today the farmers of Banaskantha are earning lakhs of rupees every year from honey.

Sargava – Kamraj Chowdhary

Kamraj Choudhary, a farmer from Lukhasan village in Siddhpur taluka of Patan district, grows jowar with remarkable resourcefulness. He himself developed the seeds of Sargwa, due to which the price of these Sargwa started increasing due to their color, shine, length. Traders from outside Gujarat have also started increasing the demand for organic sargawan prepared at home by Kamrajbhai. The water level is getting deeper in North Gujarat. Sargawa was planted in 2001 in 25 bighas. But after not selling for two years, Sargava was scrapped. Due to non-availability of reasonable price on the platform or here, Sargwa cultivation had to be dug up and removed. Again, in 2010 the plant has been shipping goods outside Gujarat to Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Odisha, Delhi for more than 10 years.

Rajkot’s swimmer Jigar

Rajkot’s para swimmer Jigar Jayesh Thakkar secured number one rank in Asia. In 2021, 334 para swimmers from 18 states displayed their physical skills. Jigar has earlier won 11 gold medals at the national level. Jigar is known to have been missing arms and legs since childhood.

Ashok Sathwara, the messiah of the poor

Ashokbhai Satwara benefited 225 patients including heart, cancer and liver while running mandap service in Himmatnagar in two and a half years. Came from bad condition. His father Chandulal Sathwara was diagnosed with liver disease years ago. But due to very bad financial condition, he could not get his father treated.

Started conducting self-expense workshops for critically ill patients at Sabarkantha in Mehsana district. In two and a half years, more than 70 patients suffering from serious diseases like heart and kidney have been helped for treatment in UN Mehta, Apollo, Sterling and Himmatnagar Civil Hospitals in Ahmedabad.

After knowing the condition of the poor patients, so far more than six and a half thousand beneficiaries have been given Amritmay cards. Ashokbhai Satwara has been honored by various charitable organizations including Rotary Club of Himmatnagar, Shivam Mitra Mandal.