Work started on MLA’s 9 room 2.25 crore flat in Gandhinagar, work continues on 12 towers of 9 floors

Gandhinagar, 26 April 2023

The tender was given mysteriously on 28 October 2022, 6 days before the Gujarat Assembly Elections 2022. 247 crore tender was approved. If land as well as cost is considered, the project is worth Rs 500 crore.

The price of each flat has been fixed at Rs 1.14 crore. 2.25 crore with land. However, as per the market value, the cost of the new flats is Rs. 75 to 80 lakhs. This is because the government had everything ready including infrastructure, land. The construction had to be done only by planning.

The MLAs of the 15th Assembly are getting modern facilities and a luxurious flat of 9 rooms. After one and a half years, the MLAs will move. In 2027, 182 MLAs are going to increase to 216 MLAs. That’s why so many flats are being built. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel announced on 13 July 2021. After this, the Speaker of the Assembly visited the incident site of Sector-17.

New flats are being built in Sector-17 of Gandhinagar. Which used to be the MLA quarter earlier. New quarters are being built again at that place. The houses were demolished in October and the foundations were laid in December.

In this complex, the MLAs will also have luxurious flats with state-of-the-art facilities. This is double the existing quarter of Sector-21. It is a spacious flat having an area of 274 Sq. The MLA complex is being constructed in a total area of 28,576 square meters. A total of 12 towers of 9 floors are being built in the complex. Sector-17 is the old MLA quarter near Hanuman Mandir. The state-of-the-art earthquake-proof facilities are one and a half times more than the existing ones. There are three bedrooms hall kitchen high rise quarters with space for office. Special isolated stores are being made for the residence and shopping of the families of the MLAs.

old flat
MLA Quarters in Sector-21 of Gandhinagar currently has 168 houses in 14 blocks. For which only 37 rupees 50 paise monthly rent is taken from the MLAs. These apartments have facilities including 2 sofas, 1 AC, up to 6 fans, fridge, TV. Although the government also pays the light bill of the building.
The fare is 37 rupees 50 paise. Now those houses have become smaller.

oldest quarter
The MLAs were earlier allotted One BHK quarters. In which there is 51.87 square meters including a drawing room, a bedroom, kitchen, toilet, bathroom. The construction of the quarters was what is currently recognized as six types of class houses. In one block four MLAs lived with two quarters on the ground floor and two and four quarters on the first floor. There were also three-storey blocks. At that time the MLAs were also provided with the facility of attendant, canteen, small garden and common plant for cold water.

At that time quarters were allotted for the MLAs here in 24 blocks built in the year 1977-78 in an area of 28 thousand square meters. Due to which four blocks with nine units have been demolished which were dilapidated. Presently 20 blocks which were still standing have also been demolished.

importance of place
Sector 17 is located in the heart of the city, outside Sectors 1 to 30 since the formation of Gandhinagar. Located in Sector 21, the Secretariat, Vidhansabha and the biggest market of the city can be reached in 10 minutes. Sector 17 is being considered as a preferred residential area for high-end employees.
Now Sector 17 has lost its distinctive identity. Now Sector-17 can regain its old identity.

2 BHK Type Quarters in Sector-17
As the residences allotted to the MLAs are very small and close to each other with no infrastructure required to maintain the privacy of the MLAs, a total of 132 quarters were constructed in the year 1988-89 in the year 1988-89. With 6 units of 22 blocks. A garden was also built here between the four blocks. Round the clock water, telephone, laundry, round the clock attendants were also placed in one block. Which was managed from the facility office built here.

current house
At present the MLA is living in 3 BHK quarter in Sector-21. A quarter of the area of 79.50 square metres, currently considered D type category, had a living room, dining area, store room, two bedrooms and toilet, bathroom. In which the MLAs were provided with bed, chair, table, mattress and common RO plant for cold water. Along with this, shops were also made here to buy essential items for the relatives of the MLAs. In which arrangements were made to provide laundry, grocery, dairy, breakfast. This quarter used to house veteran legislators including former Chief Minister Suresh Mehta who was then the Finance Minister. Also, MLAs including Gondal MLA Mahipat Singh Jadeja lived here.
Presently MLA Quarters in Sector 21 of Gandhinagar consists of 168 houses in 14 blocks. For which only 37 rupees 50 paise monthly rent is taken from the MLAs. This quarter has many facilities including 2 sofas, 1 AC, up to 6 fans, fridge, TV. Even foot scrubbers, curtains, and vinyl toilet cleaner are provided. The light bill of the building is also paid by the government.
At present, the MLA’s quarters in Sector 21 are built in a plot area of 30 thousand square meters. In which 67.68 square meter carpet area and 93.80 super built up area have been constructed.

MLA Rs. 78 thousand 800 salary and 1.16 lakh per month including various allowances. 7 Haj in thisFour telephone expenses, 5 thousand postal-stationery expenses, 20 thousand personal assistant allowance are included. However, 37 and 50 paise monthly rent is charged from the MLAs. Free accommodation is provided.