No new dams for irrigation under Modi-Rupani rule in 25 years

Gandhinagar, 23 March 2021

On March 23, 2021 in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, the government stated that water management is very important for irrigation. The area under irrigation was 38.77 lakh hectares in 2001, which has increased to 68.89 lakh hectares in 2020. There has been an increase of 30.12 lakh hectares.

Earlier every year 15 thousand new agricultural electricity connections were given. Whereas 1 lakh new connections have been issued on an average tax year in the last 17 years.

In the form of an electricity subsidy, 18 lakh farmers are given a relief of Rs 7385 crore per year in the electricity bill.

The government’s poll was exposed when Congress party MLAs sought compiled information on questions of medium and big demos. It was discovered that there are 107 medium dams and 19 large dams in the state.

Polls were opened by the Congress MLAs claiming that the BJP did not do anything for irrigation in Gujarat which had happened 25 years ago under Congress rule. 107 dams were built before 1995. Then Congress was ruled. Since then, not a single new irrigation has been closed for 2021 floor.

Therefore, providing electricity connection of the well has increased the cost to the farmers and increased the government revenue.

BJP has ruled since 1995. In 1995, 19 new dams were under construction. The Congress had alleged that the BJP had harmed the farmers by not providing irrigation water. The BJP government has done little for solid infrastructure apart from cheap publicity at festivals, festivals, and advertisements.

This means that 3 million hectares of irrigated land have been irrigated by electricity. The Narmada project has increased it to 5 lakh hectares. In this way, the BJP government was exposed.

The 107 dams that were meant for irrigation have been set by the BJP for drinking water. This has caused huge losses to the farmers. (Translated from Gujarati)