Punya Prasun Vajpayee challenged Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government have been constantly criticized for some time and this criticism is being done only in view of the failures of the government. The manner in which the attitude of BJP leaders and the BJP government has been during the time of the epidemic has been a victim of constant criticism.

Now instead of helping the people during the time of pandemic, the BJP government is investigating the helpers, from where are they able to provide this help? Youth Congress President Srinivas Biwi has been questioned for the second time in a row. Earlier, the Delhi Police had made inquiries and now the crime branch has been questioned. There is a lot of criticism of this action against Srinivas, from Rahul Gandhi to all the senior journalists and leaders have stood in support of Srinivas.

Senior journalists are constantly criticizing the Modi government and are giving their support in support of Srinivas. In this connection, senior journalist Punya Prasun Vajpayee has challenged Prime Minister Modi and tweeted that, Lok Sabha seat is yours: Banaras Election Commission Your Administration-Police Your Central Force Your Candidate: You v / s Srinivas Biwi contest.

Whether it is a case of shortage of oxygen cylinders or the entire health system that has been razed, the Modi government has been constantly on target of the public. Just as the entire Modi government was camping in Bengal before the West Bengal elections, this government has also been criticized a lot. Because at that time there was an orgy of death in the country due to the epidemic.

At this time too, cases of Kovid-19 are increasing. Still the corpses are burning continuously in the cremation ghats. Hundreds of dead bodies flowing in the rivers are a living example of the failures of this government. Even at such a time, instead of correcting its failures, instead of learning from its mistakes, the government is taking the opponents to the target.

Youth congress has been seen working continuously for the needy during the time of pandemic. Youth Congress President Srinivas B.V. (Srinivas B.V.) has appeared to stand up for the needy whether it is a matter of oxygen cylinders or ICU beds or any kind of assistance, Srinivas has emerged as the Messiah.