Rajiv Satve, commity old liquor in a new bottle, Mankad, a veteran Congress leader, was expelled from the party for telling 

umakant mankad
umakant mankad

Gandhinagar, 25 December, 2020

Veteran Congress leaders had filed a complaint against Rajiv Satav in Delhi, to high command. Rajiv Satav has failed miserably to win elections in Gujarat. This is the reality that every Congress worker says.

This was done by Umakant Mankad. he wrote ….

Election Committee appointed by the Indian National Congress is nothing more than the old liquor in the new bottle ….. The gift given to the in-charge after the defeat in the 8 assembly by-elections is unforgettable …..
The former chiefs of Gujarat Congress have to show responsibility only,
Best wishes (Umakant Mankad)

Thus Umakant revolted directly against Rajiv Satv, the incharge of Gujarat. He was quite right about the failed 22 leaders of Gujarat Congress Election Committee. Despite the old word being correct in the new bottle, congressional leaders are drinking marijuana to hide their intoxication and even true leaders are drinking marijuana. Show cause notice has not been given and many people believe that it is not appropriate for the Congress to expel them directly from the party.

Those who cannot win elections are given important responsibilities in local elections. In which the Congress has suffered a big loss.

It has happened to him that Mankad used the word old wine in a new bottle. In which veteran Congress leaders come.

Umakant wrote, who is Gajendrabhai Pragatiji Ramani in the state organization of Congress? When? Appointed Vice President? Such appointments do incredibly harm to the Congress …….. To my knowledge no such appointment has been made, and it is out of jurisdiction if anyone has been appointed in private.

The appointment of Gajendrabhai Ramani, who resigned as the Vice President of the Congress Party at the time of the by-elections, was a compromise and the then state organization has been disbanded for more than a year. At present, no new appointment has been made for the Area Committee.(translated from Gujarati)