Gita text are written in Gita temple, Somnath, where the verses of the Gita echo


26 December 2020
The Gita Temple is located near the Golokdham region of Lord Krishna of Prabhas Tirtha. Whence Lord Krishna left the body and departed for Nijdham. Geeta Jayanti was celebrated on 25 December 2020 there. The Gita was worshiped.

2 km from Somnath temple and 2.5 km from Somnath railway station at the confluence of three rivers called Gita Mandir – Triveni Tirtha. The deer is situated on the banks of the river. Also known as the Birla Mandir, it was built in 1970 by the Birla family.

The marble columns on the pillars of the Geeta temple are inscribed with 18 chapters of the Gita. The architecture is made in marble stone. There is an idol of Lord Krishna in the womb of Gita temple. This temple is a replica of the Lakshminarayan temple of Badrinath.

The interior of the temple is decorated with many paintings depicting various parts of the life of Lord Krishna.

Shlokas of Gita echo
The Gita temple is built in such a way that it resonates when you speak any shloka made inside the temple. As a result, Krishna bhajans and bhajans resonate in the atmosphere inside the temple. An echo of his voice can be heard inside the temple.