Read the controversies of Chiripal, what caused the 7 deaths in the fire at Nandan Jeans factory?

Six workers were burnt to death in a fiery fire at the Nandan Denim factory of the Chiripal Group in Narol area of ​​Ahmedabad city.
Despite the frequent occurrence of fire incidents in the company, no action is taken. As a result, the family members of the deceased workers had a great uproar. All these bodies, which refused to accept the body, were postmortered and kept in cold storage. After DNA tests, the body was handed over.
On the other hand, the FSL has also been assisted in the entire incident, while cycles for arresting four other persons have been made. No action is taken by the fire brigade system.
The deadly negligence that was being investigated at the company came out.
Police arrested Curry
Police have arrested Jyoti Chiripal, Deepak Chiripal, BC Patel, HM Patel, Ravikant Sinha, PK Sharma, DC. A complaint has been lodged against Patel .. Three people have been arrested so far in this connection. Police have sought the help of DNA and FSL to identify the dead.
Raising questions
This is why the factory is on fire every year. Rating is decreasing. Need to pass on loss plans to owners of insurance? Why not take action against the owners of this company? The owners have a political age. Why is this factory not sealed by the system?
What had happened earlier

VAT department raids in 10 units
On June 23, 2017, 10 units of the Chiripal Group of Companies work in Fabrics, Yarn, Readymade Garments, Packaging. Officials from two different divisions of the VAT department raided. Units of the peace process house, Chiripal Industries, Vishal Fabrics, Nova Textile, Chiripal Polymers are running. The accounts were also examined on the basis of documents. Due to the cross validation of the Bills of Transportation with the Bills of Transportation, nothing can be said about tax evasion at present, but some errors were found.
Nova Petrochemicals
On May 20, 2016, it was revealed that the excise duty of Rs.17 crore was stolen by the Advance License by Nova Petrochemical and Surat’s Gupta Synthetic of Ahmedabad’s Chiripal Group and how the tribunal had not deposited government debt by pressing the case.
Complaint at NGT

On December 10, 2017, about 80 per cent of the paddy worth millions of rupees was cleared due to pollution of a plant established 10 years ago by the Chiripal group in Bidaj village of Khidheda district, 22 km away from Ahmedabad.
Land-grabbing farmers staged demonstrations
On February 20, 2016, farmers’ land was acquired in Dholera. The office of the Chiripal Group of Builders was organized by the farmers of Dholera. Application was given to the collector. The threat of intense agitation is pronounced.
Luminous altar
Vedprakash Chiripal is the chairman of Chiripal Group Chiripal Group started in 1972 with only a few powerlooms and today the company produces 110 million meters of denim, 141 TPD spinning, 10 million meter shirting, 10 million meter yarn dyeing every year. The company currently employs 20,000 people directly and indirectly. Nandan is a flagship company of the Chiripal Group called Denim, and in addition, the company operates in several fields including education, chemicals, fabric processing, chemicals, infrastructure. Vedprakash Chiripal is the Chairman of the Chiripal Group and is the Group’s various company.
Four hands on BJP leader Rajinikanth Chiripal
On July 30, 2016, Vice-Chancellor AU Patel of the University Vice-Chancellor in the BBA’s Bogus Degree dispute at the Peace Business School, despite the police presenting the evidence, stopped the prosecution of the BJP leader and former Home Minister Rajinikanth Patel Chiripal. Despite the directive three times to arrest the administrators, including Chiripal, no action was taken. According to the report of the Vice-Chancellor of the Unity Vice-Chancellor on the issue of criminal conspiracy against Peace Business School, Article 2B, Fraudulent Articles-2, Fraudulent Documents and Articles-1, 2 and 3 as well as psychological torture. Applied to lodge a complaint.If any question, see originel Gujarati Story at