Diwali burst firecrackers, now 1600 marriages stopped in Ahmedabad due to government mistake

Gandhinagar, 20 November 2020
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has canceled bookings for Municipal Hall and Party Plot, Town Hall and Tagore Hall, Private Hall and Party Plot due to the lockdown. As a result, marriages of 1600 people are pending. The hall, picnic house, party plot book have been canceled from 16 March to 29 March. They will get their money back but their luck has deteriorated.

Notice post
The city has more than 25 municipal halls. The notice has been posted in Party Plow today. Anyone who has made the booking has been asked to meet at the zonal office. Marriages to private party plots have also been canceled. Wedding occasions are stuck and ceremonies are canceled.

Family stranded
With this, over 1600 weddings were planned in Ahmedabad on the auspicious occasion and were canceled. According to government guidelines, families who book wedding halls are stranded.

Some party plot managers in Ahmedabad have also refused to pay the deposit. In Ahmedabad alone, over 1600 wedding ceremonies were held from 22 November to 24 November. The event managers as well as the families have also suffered a lot due to the cancellation of this marriage.

Government mistake
Instead of putting a stop to Diwali, Diya Ees, celebrating the festivals, was an infection. Hence the corona grew. It has now been combined with it due to cold.
The state government did not impose any ban on Diwali celebrations, resulting in a record increase in cases of corona infection.

Tourists touches
Now with the curfew being implemented in the weekend, the situation of tourists coming from outside to Ahmedabad has become frightening. There will be a curfew or lockout in Ahmedabad from November 20 to Monday night from 9 am to 6 am.